How to distinguish original fil sneakers from a fake

Today, large volume sneakers are at the peak of popularity. They were in fashion back in the 90s, and returned to modernity quite recently. An interesting couple looks spectacular, complements the image, and sometimes leads in it. There are a lot of brands of such models, one of the most popular is Fila.

How to distinguish the original

As always happens with popular crazy shoes, they began to copy and create fakes. No matter how high-quality the copy, it will still leave signs of a non-original product. Want to know how to distinguish real Fila from a fake? Read on.


Checking should begin with the box: it should be made of high-quality thick cardboard. Manufacturers of copies save on this - they use soft, cheap cardboard, so the packaging may be wrinkled or deformed. There is a special sticker on the box on which the article number is indicated, information about it: size, name, small image of sneakers.

For a fake, such a sticker can be crookedly attached, display only size information, contain misspellings, or be completely absent. Inside, the shoes are additionally wrapped: in thin paper with Fila company emblems located throughout the space. A fake couple has such a wrapper either just white or completely absent.


Craftsmen are able to copy goods quite qualitatively. Therefore, the shoes must be carefully checked. Real Fila always has a pair of perfectly sewn tags with even letters. The seams and stitches of the original sneakers are perfect, correct: there are no sticking threads anywhere, seams laid on each other.

Pay particular attention to the back of the sneakers: replicas cannot be even, without bending the seam, they are always slightly bent or deformed. Also, the real Fila has no traces of dried glue at the joints.

Color . The color of fake shoes may be unusual. Often there are colors that the company never used to create a design. If in doubt, check if such a model has ever been released.

The material . Verify the entry on the product label with the company website - the composition should match.

Perforation . The toe and top (inside) should have a perforated logo. Moreover, the original points will be smooth, small. The fake has large ones, and the pattern will be crooked.

Lacing Pay attention to the design of the inner edge next to the shoelaces: the brand model is perfectly white, the fake is dirty. Affects the use of substandard materials.

IMPORTANT on branded shoes there are reflective inserts in places where laces are threaded. The materials for such inserts are too expensive for replica manufacturers to use.

Sole Real “Fila” has an elastic sole, the signature pattern is noticeable on the surface. The fakes have problems with proportions: often the sole is larger, its width is greater than the edge of the product. Due to low-quality materials, fakes have a persistent unpleasant smell of cheap rubber.

Brand logo . A lot of logos are depicted on the surface of the product, and in the original shoes they are made perfectly of high-quality threads. Inside the fabric is soft, smooth, without lint. The fakes are noticeable deviations in the design, protruding threads, defects of the "print".

The original product is equipped with an anatomical insole, a logo is placed on the heel.

Label. Inside the sneaker (right) there is a special label with information about the model. The letters on it are clear, they are arranged in smooth, neat lines. Under the label there is a sticker with information about the product, it contains an individual product number. If you enter it on the site, get all the information from the manufacturer about this pair. The number coincides with what is indicated on the box. The original sneakers have different stickers on the right and left: the last five digits of the number are different.


The original is not much more expensive than a fake. Do not save on quality: a fake will last less, cause discomfort and will differ in design.