How to distinguish an original from a fake Kanken backpack?

In our country, many shops selling FJALLRAVEN KANKEN backpacks have appeared. Among sellers there are unscrupulous distributors who sell cheap fake versions as expensive high-quality products. If you are planning to purchase a genuine backpack, check out the signs of a fake.

Differences between the original Kanken backpack and the fake

Sometimes a cursory inspection is enough to make sure you need to look for another store. These obvious “mistakes” include the following:

  • shiny fabric - the original has a matte finish;
  • processed seams - the genuine product has high-quality material, it does not crumble and does not need processing;
  • three synthetic tags inside the backpack - in the present Kanken, one of them is cotton;
  • webbing runners - original always black.

Many fakes can be more difficult to distinguish. Need a more careful and picky inspection .

Reflective logo

An indicative sign by which the authenticity of a product is determined is the logo. For a real Kanken backpack, this will be a perfectly round patch with the inscription FJALLRAVEN KANKEN, which shows a fox in the center . The logo has a reflective surface, which is easily checked by the directional beam of a telephone flashlight.

If the logo turned white, it means that it really reflects the light, and the test in this part of determining the authenticity of a backpack is passed. You can also use flash photography, where the type of surface is immediately determined on the photo. Unfortunately, not only the logo is an indicator of fake.

Important! Since 2016, the Re-Kånken backpack model has been launched with an embroidered logo that does not respond to light.

Fasteners, zippers, buttons and buttons

All accessories that are used when sewing the original are made of brass. The manufacturer uses zippers and buttons with the YKK logo, and buttons with a fox image. Zipper is always matched exactly to the color of the fabric of the backpack.

When determining authenticity, look at the zipper zipper. If there is no YKK inscription - here is a replica. Inspect the metal tongues: the original has the inscription Fjällräven on one side and the same fox on the other. The buttons also depict this animal, and on the bottom of the inscription WASA 6.

Important! It is easy to distinguish brass from plastic by temperature: the metal is always cool, and the plastic part will be warm. The test should be carried out by the most sensitive part of the hand.

Backpack fabric

By the material from which the backpack is sewn, it is easy to recognize a fake. To do this, we use the following methods:

  • water spray. One has only to drop a few drops of water on the surface of the backpack, as everything becomes clear - the replica fabric gets wet, and the spray simply rolls off the original without causing any harm to the material ;
  • visual inspection. In the original product, the outer and inner layer is made of the same fabric, and for a fake inside a polyurethane layer resembling leatherette. This material protects the backpack from water penetration, because the outer layer is moisture permeable.

Important! The original product is made of water-repellent synthetic fabric Vinylon F.

Lined passport and country of origin

The original product always has an sewn passport inside, on which there is a company logo with a red inscription and a fox. There are several lines on it - a brief description of the brand. The following lines are not filled - they are left so that the owner entered his name and contact information. Such a nameplate is always made of synthetic fabric and sewn in the middle of the inside pocket.

Behind the passport there is a special gasket made of vinyl, which serves as an additional barrier to the penetration of moisture and protects against cold. You can sit on it without fear of freezing. For a laptop, it is part of a case that protects against many troubles on the road.

Until recently, the original Kanken backpacks were sewn only in Vietnam, but now the production is also located in China. Therefore, the country of origin is no longer a guarantee of authenticity.

Stitches and glue lines

No special skills are needed to determine the quality of the seam. Enough to consider them carefully. They must be absolutely even, protruding threads and any errors in the original are unacceptable .

Original barcode label

A real FJALLRAVEN KANKEN backpack is equipped with a craft cardboard label with a logo, coat of arms, brand history. Be sure to place a sticker with a bar code on each of them.

There are websites on the Internet where the product information is determined by the numbers of the code. By entering the numerical data from the label, you can easily find out what is in front of you - the original or the fake. Having learned to fake a lot, scammers cannot overcome this barrier.