How to distinguish a leather bag from a leatherette

Bag is an integral accessory of a modern woman. She is the final component of the image. The accessory should correspond to the latest trends of the season, be stylish, comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly high-quality.

Today it is difficult to distinguish genuine leather from leatherette (for example, eco-leather or dermantine). All this happens because modern technologies for the production of artificial materials have reached incredible heights. Manufacturers go to tricks and deceit to sell low-quality products at a high price.

How to find out that you are holding a genuine leather bag in your hands, not a fake? You will learn more about this later.

The main differences of a leather bag from a leatherette

Let's talk about the main differences between natural products and faux leather products. The more expensive the material, the better it is. If you still follow this rule, then stop doing it starting today.

Price is not an indicator. Sometimes a thing made of eco-leather can be more expensive than a thing made of natural material.

Attention! A small piece of leather attached to the bag indicates that you have a thing from quality material. This is the main difference between leather and eco-leather bags.

Simple Methods for Determining Natural Material

Have you decided to purchase a quality bag, but don’t know what properties it should have? Do not worry. Below we have listed simple methods for determining a quality product. Well, let's get started?

Product Appearance

Texture is the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a bag. The leather bag has a soft, uniform texture, and also, after mechanical influences, quickly restores its former shape. Creases remain at the bend of the leatherette product, while the natural material does not change color.

When buying, pay attention to the edges of the material. If all the slices are hidden, then this is one of the evidence that you have a quality bag. If, nevertheless, the sections are open, then she has dense and homogeneous. The reverse surface of genuine leather resembles suede. In eco-leather bags, the back surface is usually covered with textiles.

Flavor of the material

This is a very simple way to identify a quality bag. We all know how the skin smells, this smell is difficult to confuse with any other. Bags made of artificial materials have the smell of plastic, glue or even oilcloth. But do not think that everything is so easy. In fact, many manufacturers add fragrances to their composition, which replace the chemical odor with the smell of genuine leather.

Touch test

Take the bag in your hands and try to feel it. Swipe your hand across the surface. If the surface is perfectly smooth, then you are holding an artificial leather product in your hands. Genuine leather has slight bumps. Do not be afraid to run a fingernail over your skin. Artificial leather will remain unchanged, while genuine leather is deformed and will slowly restore its shape.

Also do not forget that artificial leather is lighter than natural.

Thermal conductivity test

Put your hand on the bag. If after a minute the surface heats up, then the product is made of genuine leather. If you do the same fraud with artificial material, it will remain cold.

This is not a complete list of ways to help distinguish the original from a fake.

How to distinguish using mechanical techniques

Water Changes

It is not always possible to use this method, but if you still have it, then do not miss it. Wet the surface with water and wait 15–20 seconds. Genuine leather absorbs liquid and darkens, and drops of water will roll off the artificial skin. Note that if you are exposed to rain, then genuine leather will get wet and will be in spots or stripes.

Fire check

To get a quality bag, the fair sex goes to great lengths. Fire helps to distinguish a natural bag from an artificial one.

When interacting with fire, artificial material will begin to melt, and a fire option is also possible. Genuine leather will simply tighten a little, and you will also smell a faint skin. Of course, we understand that it will not be possible to conduct such an experiment in a shopping center, but every female person needs to know about this method.

Creasing material for creases

This method is much simpler and more practical than the previous one. How to check material for creases? Everything is very simple. Bend the bag for a few seconds, release and wait half a minute.

If there are no creases, then you can go to the cashier to pay for the goods - you have a quality thing in your hands. If creases are present, then continue to search for a quality accessory.

How not to make a mistake when buying a leather bag and not get fake

Probably every woman at least once came across a fake. It is necessary to have good practice behind you in order to recognize at first glance where genuine leather is and where artificial leather is.

You can try all of the above methods to determine a genuine leather product, but this cannot guarantee a quality purchase.

Modern technology allows you to create fakes that can not always be exposed even by the most inveterate connoisseurs of quality products. Using the above tips, you can only protect yourself from obvious fakes.

Important! If you want to buy a bag made of genuine leather, then you better trust trusted sellers or brands that have already earned the respect of buyers.


For every woman, a bag made of genuine leather will be a wonderful accessory that will perfectly complement any look. When purchasing a product, be careful not to fall for the tricks of manufacturers.

Try in every possible way to check the quality of the thing you like. Choose quality bags and be the most stylish. Enjoy the shopping!