How did our goofy in Cannes

From year to year, the Russian "landing" landed on the carpet of the Cannes Film Festival to present the next film. But most often the stars of Russian show business come to Cannes to show themselves and their beautiful outfit . Not always conceived becomes a reality: sometimes the outfits of our celebrities cause not so much delight as bewilderment. We will talk about the strangest outfits of Russian celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival below.

The most terrible outfits of Russian stars at the Cannes Film Festival

Looking at some unsuccessful outfits of Russian stars at such a prestigious cinema event in the world, we involuntarily thought: what did their stylists think about before dressing such beautiful women in these dresses ? Unfortunately, for all of us this will forever remain a mystery. So which of the celebrities impressed with his appearance the most?

Transparent dress Victoria Bonnie

TV presenter Victoria Bonya, before breaking up with millionaire Alex Smerfit, lived in Monaco, from where she was not far from Cannes. That is why the girl from year to year appears on the red carpet of the film festival. Once the star wanted to add a touch of sexuality to the image, but something obviously went wrong. In the modern world, a translucent dress on a naked body looks pretty gone . Under Victoria's dress, when you look closely, you can see beige panties, but the girl did not think about the upper part.

Empress Lena Lenin

The name of the writer and model Lena Lenina in the minds of people has long been associated only with her extravagant outfits and hairstyles. The girl appears at many festivals, and Cannes was no exception. In addition to the dress, almost entirely of ruffle, the girl's head was crowned by a huge ball of hair, in which bright pink strands were visible . Unlucky for those who later sat in the auditorium behind Lenin.

Red dress by Irina Shayk

The burning brunette Shake in Cannes appeared in a dress the color of the carpet. Everything would be fine, but the outfit clearly did not involve underwear, because deep cuts opened a view of the waist, hips and long legs of the model. It looks, of course, very impressive. In such a dress you need to move with great care so as not to get into the lenses of photographers in a disadvantageous light.

The fluffy image of Regina Todorenko

The radiant TV presenter attended the event as an ambassador for a well-known cosmetics company. Regina overdid it slightly with her dress - from afar she looked like a big and tasty cake . The fact is that the skirt was so lush and “fluffy” that the girl was difficult to move around. But for a sincere smile, we are ready to forgive her for this small oversight.

Glucose has flown from space

The Russian singer Glucose (Natalia Ionova) appeared at the festival in the image of an astronaut, not otherwise. A set of a miniskirt and a silver jacket in combination with mesh tights and red slippers caused bewilderment among many fashion critics. Do not appreciate the image and subscribers of Natalia. There were no complaints about space suits: users did not like tights and “grandmother's” shoes.

Svetlana Khodchenkova and fish fin

Actress Svetlana Khodchenkova in Cannes appeared in a tight strapless dress. On the front, the outfit looks very impressive, and on the back there is a strange element: users of social networks compared a large shuttlecock with a fish fin . Perhaps Svetlana just chose the image of a modern mermaid ...

Ksenia Chumicheva's insulated dress

The model chose a strange-style dress for publication - her bare shoulders absolutely do not combine with a warm checkered top and a lush hem made of light fabric. What the designer wanted to show, creating this masterpiece, we did not understand.