How to determine the bootleg width

One of the classic shoe options for both men and women is boots. A distinctive feature of this element of the wardrobe is their special shape and structure.

Any model of boots consists of a base: a sole, a front part and a heel back. A bootleg is attached to the base, which covers the bootleg around the entire circumference of the legs. Actually, that is why this part of the shoe got its name.

Thanks to the huge assortment, on the shelves of shops you can find models made of various materials, any colors, styles, and sizes.

If by color and shape you can choose a model yourself, according to individual preferences, then the choice of size plays an important role. And here you can not do without special tables.

In addition to the foot, special attention should be paid to the girth of the shaft . After all, only correctly selected parameters will allow the boot to sit beautifully on your leg, without causing discomfort.

In this article we will discuss the rules of measurements and teach how to determine the width of the shaft.


  • How to measure the bootleg
  • Shaft to shoe ratio

How to measure the bootleg

For any shaft, there are two standard sizes for which shoes should be chosen to be comfortable.

One of them is height. This parameter is not fundamentally important; it is selected according to personal preferences and taste. There are boots of low, medium and high length.

The most important parameter will be the size of the bootleg width. It should comfortably fit the leg, not squeeze it, not cause pain . But at the same time it should not hang freely, as this leads to improper wear and quick wear of shoes.

The width of the shaft corresponds to the diameter of the leg at the top of the boot adjacent to the leg. The girth is obtained by doubling the width.

Often measure the minimum volume of the legs in the lower part of the leg.

Make all the necessary measurements with a centimeter tape, remember them and use them when going for new clothes.

IMPORTANT! Currently, there are options with an elastic band, which has the property of stretching and taking the right size.

In this case, the manufacturers indicate the minimum and maximum value that the shoes take in girth.

Shaft to shoe ratio

Specialists developed tables of correspondence of the bootleg to different shoe sizes.

Unfortunately, dimensional tables are not always at hand. Usually no one carries them to the store, so you should remember and keep in mind all the relationships. But this is quite difficult, especially when new information constantly appears in the head.

Therefore, for convenience, you should fix one size and remember the principle of calculation .

HELP . With a foot size of 37, the bootleg width will be 33 cm and the height 5 cm greater than the width.

When reducing or increasing the size by one, the length and width, respectively, become more or less from the original example by 0.5 cm.

Choose the right shoes, and it will serve you for a long time, preserving its quality and beautiful appearance.