How to decorate ugg boots with your own hands

Uggs came into fashion a few years ago and immediately won the heart of every fashionista. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products, among which there are various styles and decoration methods. Many needlewomen, using creative skills, decorate their favorite shoes on their own.

We will tell you how to embroider ugg boots with your own hands, and you can make your model unique.

Preparatory process

Rhinestones are one of the most popular ways to decorate shoes.

However, among the variety on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right model. Not always satisfied with the color or arrangement of the pebbles.

But ugg boots can be decorated on their own using a few simple methods . In this case, the model will differ in individual design and will be able to fully fit all the requirements and parameters of its owner.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary components for comfortable work.

Make sure that you have the following materials and tools at hand.

  • Uggs.
  • Rhinestones. It is recommended to use different shades and sizes .
  • Glue or silk threads (depending on the method of fastening).
  • Needle.
  • Masking tape (in case of work with glue).
  • Pencil, eraser, paper.

After preparation, you can proceed to the process.

Reference : sequins, fur inserts, lace are also suitable as additional decoration.

We decorate ugg boots with rhinestones

  • For more comfortable work, it is recommended to sketch : draw on paper the approximate location of the picture. And then transfer it is not material. Using a pencil, draw a sketch, based on the parameters of the shoe . When the drawing is ready, it can be transferred to ugg boots. In specialized needlework stores, you can find special stencils for stickers of rhinestones or sequins . The progress of work with such a stencil will be much easier.

Important! The decoration process should be carried out only on clean and dry shoes.

  • If rhinestones are for sewing, a thread and needle are required. It is recommended to use silk threads, as they are highly durable . This will help to avoid the loss of stones during the use of the product. Instead of silk, ordinary floss is also suitable . In this case, you need to sew in one thread.
  • The needle should be selected of medium thickness : not too thin and not too thick. Thin can not cope with dense material and just breaks. A tight needle can cause holes to spill and damage shoes.
  • If the material is selected correctly, you can start sewing. For decoration, several methods are used. This can be a wide strip of rhinestones on the back of the product, a random arrangement of stones, flowers or geometric shapes on the sides or in front .
  • The main trend this season is winter shoes with a prominent toe: rhinestones can be sewn onto the toe area.
  • In the case of working with glue, a wide masking tape will be needed. It must be glued to the area where decorated elements will not be located. This will help avoid possible stains from dried glue.

  • The glue itself is recommended to be applied directly to rhinestones, in a small amount so that it does not spread.
  • Each pebble is carefully pressed to the surface of the shoe so that it is firmly fixed. With a few simple actions, the ugg boots are beautifully decorated with rhinestones.

Attention: it is recommended to use frost-resistant adhesive for leather products for work.

Useful Tips

A few additional recommendations will help in the proper conduct of the process.

  • For reliable fixing it is necessary to wait until the glue has completely dried . Recommended time - at least 48 hours. In this case, rhinestones will tightly fix their position on the surface of the product.
  • All work should be carried out at room temperature . This will help the crystals to fit tightly on the shoe.
  • Many craftswomen apply two layers of glue: the first directly on shoes, the second on rhinestones . When decorating, you can use this method.
  • After the end of the work process, shoes should be left in a dry and warm place . Then the pebbles will be firmly fixed on the shoe.
  • Many needlewomen use dyes for fabric and rivets for extra brightness . With chaotic fastening of rhinestones with the help of paints, you can apply an original ornament. Rivets perform a similar function: they are fastened with an awl.

Warm and stylish ugg boots are among the most popular shoes in cold and frosty times. With a few actions, boring and gray shoes can be easily transformed using rhinestones and a bit of craftsmanship. Such a product will be distinguished by an individual and original design, instantly highlighting its mistress.