How to decorate a turtleneck

A turtleneck is an indispensable item in absolutely any wardrobe. Men wear turtlenecks under a jacket or as a separate warm little thing in the cool season, and women tend to interesting combinations and alterations.

Any girl strives to ensure that among her clothes was a truly unique thing. In the same case, when it is not possible to buy a turtleneck from a famous designer, absolutely different materials and solutions can be used, with which you can easily decorate an existing thing yourself (photo).

How to decorate a turtleneck with your own hands

Decorate a product of any color is not difficult. Interesting ideas can be spied on the Internet or connected with imagination and pre-draw a sketch, and then proceed to decorate turtlenecks.

For example, a white and black turtleneck can be decorated with lace. It can be run on the sleeves and along the chest line - this combination will be very interesting, or bead with beads of a suitable color. In addition, a combination of beads of different sizes in a chaotic or clearly structured order for a particular pattern will be a rather striking option.

In order to decorate a turtleneck with a high neck, otherwise it is also called “golf”, you can sew on your shoulders a jewelry-type jewelry that will flow to the center of the chest from the edges of the product.

Applique, Patches, Embroidery

Depending on the type of the owner and, accordingly, understanding of where this thing will be dressed, you can choose bright combinations of decoration, for example, appliqués or peculiar stripes. However, such options are more suitable for children and teenagers than for trips to the office and work. Nevertheless, they will be very appropriate at parties!

Reference! Bright applications on a turtleneck will be very appropriate at themed and other parties.

Beads, sequins, rhinestones

A more compromise solution in order to decorate a turtleneck is the use of beads, placers of rhinestones or sequins. With the help of beads you can embroider an interesting pattern or simple geometric shapes on the canvas of a thing. However, in this case, it is best to use not too bright colors for the beads, it is important that they are similar to the product itself.

Rhinestones look great on the sleeves. They can decorate the shoulder area or even the entire sleeve. Thus, the turtleneck will not only look stylish, but will also convey the rebellious spirit of its owner.

Combination with various materials

Another interesting way of decorating allows you to combine materials of a different composition, for example, leather, fur or lace. It is quite simple to incorporate the skin into the image, using it as a belt that surrounds the entire waist, or, for example, is located exclusively on the bottom of the product. Sewing such a belt is possible both over the entire diameter and only along the front of the turtleneck. Similarly, you can use leather or fur elements for decoration on the shoulders, like lining.

It is easy to lace to decorate the top of the material or its bottom - having hemmed the lace to the edge of the sleeves and its main part. Thus, the combination with lace will give an image of romance and femininity.

Important! Combining various fabrics and materials, it is best to use colors close in hue to the main.


A combination of various fittings can be a sufficiently bright decoration option:

  • buttons
  • lightning;
  • rivets.

Buttons will be harmoniously combined on the sleeves of a turtleneck, however, they must be small in size and not in large quantities. Rivets are perfect for decorating a fraudulent V-shaped neckline, if they are launched from the shoulder diagonally down to the middle of the chest.

A completely different version of the decoration is a combination with lightning. In this case, you need to try a little and think it over, since decorating a turtleneck by stitching zippers into it is a little more complicated and requires additional skills in working with a sewing machine. The zipper can be sewn on the outside of the sleeve or with its help create a cutout along the chest line. In this case, it is best to use your imagination and capabilities. However, if you are not sure, then for starters you should choose a simpler version of decorating a turtleneck so as not to spoil it.


Thus, with the help of imagination and improvised materials, you can easily decorate a turtleneck and get a new, unique product that will only be in your wardrobe. You should not be afraid, because it is quite simple. The main thing is to first think about what result you want to get. And of course, the most important thing is not to rush and do it efficiently!