How to decorate a skirt with your own hands (photo)?

At all times, the skirt was an integral part of the women's wardrobe.

A classic straight or extravagant godet skirt, a bold mini or romantic sun model, a flirty pencil skirt or elegant maxi - any fashionista will choose an outfit to her taste.

DIY decorating skirt

Each girl is familiar with a situation when things are full, but there is nothing to wear.

It is not necessary to run to the store and buy a new skirt, if at home already year after year, tired models hang in order.

Without much expense, having a little time, you can turn old, worn clothes into original, stylish, effective. And most importantly, one that no one has.

Lace skirt update

To create a romantic, mysterious image, as well as to emphasize femininity, lace motifs will help (photo). There are many variations on the theme of lace, so even the most boring model will sparkle with new colors and become the highlight of the image. Any fabric and decor store presents a wide range of ribbons of different widths and lengths, as well as applications.

Horizontal inserts

Lace ribbons can be sewn onto the product in the transverse direction. For lovers of vivid images, an interesting effect will be created by contrasting or related-contrasting shades of stripes on the main material. This can be one openwork wide strip in tone or several narrow ribbons uniformly distributed along the entire length of the model.

Important ! It should be borne in mind that an incorrectly selected horizontal strip fills, therefore it is not recommended to use volumetric stripes of lace in those areas that do not need to be emphasized.

Crafted with a lace bottom looks mysterious and romantic. It doesn’t matter how long the product is - this method converts the mini, midi and maxi models. In the case of the latter, it is necessary to shorten the skirt by the size of the insert.

Vertical inserts

Just one vertically arranged lace ribbon will add grace to the image as a whole. It can be scribbled both in the center and asymmetrically relative to it.

Reference! Longitudinal stripes not only look spectacular on clothes, but also visually lengthen the silhouette. By updating the model in this way, it is possible to emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

Processing individual parts

Often the design of the skirt is complemented by decorative elements: coquette, pockets, flaps, leaflets. It is beneficial to emphasize and revitalize them with openwork patterns. It is enough to cut identical parts and stitch them on top with a zigzag machine seam. If you have sewing skills, the elements of interest can be ripped off and connected with lace . Such processing will ennoble the finished product.

Openwork guipure wedges will add additional sophistication to the skirt. They completely replace the existing ones or play in the contrast of colors with the main material.

Upper layer

You can change the model beyond recognition by completely lacing it with lace, i.e., cutting out another layer. If the openwork canvas is longer than the main one, then a luxurious effect will be obtained that will not leave indifferent any fashionista. Moreover, the difference between the layers is possible any.

Lace Appliques

If a small flap of lace is at home, you can put it into action. It is enough to cut the pattern you like along the contour, then gently manually sew it onto the skirt. When there are several patterns, they are combined into a whole exquisite composition.

New life of a black skirt

As a rule, in the wardrobe of any girl there is an ordinary black skirt, which is fed up with the order, and hangs, because it is a pity to throw out. A great opportunity to experiment and create not just a new wardrobe item, but also a spectacular model that emphasizes the excellent sense of style and taste of its owner.


Flat or voluminous, contrasting or plain, round or angular - for every taste and color you can choose another important element of the decor - buttons. They sheathe valves, leaflets, belt. By launching a series of identical buttons along the entire length of the product, you get a completely new, original model. It will take a little time, but you can save on buying a new skirt.

Rhinestones, sequins, stones, beads

When you want to give an ordinary thing shine, a solemn look, such elements as rhinestones, sequins, stones, beads, are irreplaceable. They can be sewn in a chaotic manner, to create a specific rhythm or composition.

Skirt update braid

The abundance in fabrics and decor stores of such finishing material as braid allows you to quickly turn a worn model into a bright wardrobe item. Create an angular ornament on a skirt in 20 minutes? Easily! Geometry in clothes remains at the peak of popularity.

Help ! The braid will perfectly mask clues, small holes, spots that cannot be removed.

How to upgrade a straight skirt?

Every girl should have a straight skirt in the wardrobe. A strict dress code at work, meeting with parents, an official meeting - there is always an application for classics. When there are several direct models, only the “favorite” is worn. A great reason to experiment with the rest.

Silhouette change

It is enough to sew the model along the side sections to get an elegant pencil skirt.

Important ! In case of excessive narrowing, the middle seam of the back panel of the skirt must be torn from the bottom to a comfortable length and the incision must be processed, otherwise the movements will be constrained.

Product Length Change

By shortening the bottom, you can create a daring mini-model, and by attaching additional modules to the bottom, the maxi model. If you sew a well-designed chiffon section on the back panel, you get a luxurious train.

Sandwich inserts

You can completely transform the model by scribbling onto it strips of additionally purchased material, such as chiffon or silk. The bottom layer should be partially covered by the top. So, the simplest and most boring skirt will turn into an airy and light one.

We change the image of a long skirt


With an asymmetric change in length, a cascade effect is achieved. The skirt, short in front and long in the back, looks solemn and romantic.

Painting on fabric

To create unusual compositions on clothes, it is not necessary to be an artist:

  • Volumetric and saturated patterns are created using acrylic dyes. If you add a little sparkle and small rhinestones to dry - the picture will gain brilliance and exclusivity.
  • Bandaging the sections of the summer skirt with cords soaked in paraffin and soaking the resulting knots with liquid paint for the fabric, you can get fancy motifs using the nodal batik technique.
  • Dyes that put together with clothes in the washing machine will help change the shade of the skirt.
  • Special reserves, markers and felt-tip pens for fabric will help to create contrasting contours and outlines of the composition.

Attention! It is necessary to apply the drawing to the washed thing, otherwise, after shrinkage, the composition may be distorted.


There are over 10 embroidery techniques. It will take months, maybe years, to develop some of them. For a beginner, an ideal option for decorating clothes is volume embroidery. The name speaks for itself - decor elements should be voluminous. This effect is achieved through individual parts.

It can be flowers made of satin ribbons, floral motifs embroidered along the contour of the wire, floral motifs from chiffon, felt multilayer buds. Trust your taste, and the most boring product will be transformed and will sparkle with new colors.

Decoration the bottom of the skirt

Ruffles, shuttlecocks

Ruffles and shuttlecocks - another trend of the upcoming season. Having at hand a small section of the material, you can not only gently and feminine design the bottom of the product, but also extend the excessively short model.

Figured design

You can acquire fantasy outlines by cutting the bottom of the skirt with a wavy line and hemming it with an inlay or putting fringe in the edge.

Any, even the oldest skirt, must be given a second chance, turning it into an exclusive outfit worthy of the Red Carpet.