How to decorate a photo with rhinestones

In stores you can find many decorative elements that you just want to buy for your home. However, they are often very expensive. In our article, we will talk about ways to independently decorate objects at home. Consider this method on the example of a frame for photos. They always stand in a prominent place, so it is important to give them a beautiful and expressive appearance.

We offer an interesting and affordable option - we will use rhinestones.

Materials and tools for decorating with rhinestones

To create this scenery you will need to purchase the appropriate tools and materials. We will need the following.

  • Photo frame with glass insert.
  • A set of rhinestones of various colors according to personal preference.
  • The tool with which you can degrease the frame.
  • Adhesive tape or adhesive for attaching parts.
  • Tweezers, a toothpick or a match to align the pattern.
  • Desired sketch for drawing elements.

IMPORTANT! If desired, you can use ready-made stencils to create a picture.

How to decorate with rhinestones

After preparing the tools and the workplace, you can start the main work. Decoration will not take you much time and will not require special skills. Connect your imagination and imagination to activate the creative process. For this work, you can get together as a family to jointly come up with a style and future image of the product.

How to decorate a photo frame

There are two main ways to decorate. One of them is decorating the frame and applying a rhinestone to it. To do this, perform the following manipulations.

  • Take your favorite sketch, put its image on the frame.
  • Apply glue moment in small drops.
  • Using tweezers, apply rhinestones to the attachment point step by step for reliable fixation.
  • Walk around the perimeter to create a pattern.
  • Let the product dry.

IMPORTANT! Using a toothpick or a small syringe, glue can be applied in small drops to the surface.

How to decorate a photo with rhinestones

If you want to put pebbles on the photo, it is better to do it on a protective glass. So you will achieve the desired result, and also do not damage the photo.

  • Remove the glass, degrease its surface with washing liquid.
  • Carefully draw the outline of the overlay.
  • Glue all parts strictly on the frame.
  • Let the glue dry.
  • Insert the glass into place and enjoy the new decor.