How to decorate a knitted bag

Times come and go, fashion changes. But you should definitely say that things related from different types of yarn will never go out of fashion. And most likely, every year only adds popularity to such things. And the number of their fans is steadily growing, as evidenced by the photos on the pages of fashionable women's magazines.

Our domestic beauties have a passion for knitwear, primarily due to the climate of our vast country. Indeed, most of the time of the year we are not spoiled for special warmth. In a word, not only cardigans or other knitted sets will find their place in the wardrobe. A couple of them you can buy various accessories, including knitted handbags.

It should be recognized that the product not always purchased can fully meet the tastes or expectations of our fashionable young ladies. But this state of affairs is easy to fix. It is enough to include imagination and decorate the purchased bag to your liking. Own decor will not only decorate the product, but also give it a logically finished look.

Textile Design Options


For every girl who has a sense of style, a bag has become an indispensable accessory in everyday life. A do-it-yourself bag is no exception.

But even the most beloved and expensive thing has the property of annoying. There are several solutions to refresh a thing dear to your heart and look at it from a different angle. We will tell you how to decorate a knitted bag.

Often there is simply not enough free time, and the soul asks for something new. The easiest option is to add textile decorations. For example, try to tie a scarf on a bag. The simplest scarf can harmoniously complement the accessory and will be a fresh and unexpected note. In this form, a familiar item certainly will not go unnoticed by others:

If the scarf is tightly wound around the handle, it will look very impressive. This option is suitable if the handles are medium-sized. You just need to twist the scarf with a tube and wind it on the handle. Tie the remaining ends of the scarf in a knot.

It will be equally effective to tie a scarf to the side. A scarf in contrasting colors tied with a bow will look good. The bow can be both small and quite lush.

Homemade textile decorations

To decorate your handbag, you can use these options.

  • Crocheted flowers - a way to make your accessory unique.

Tip. Carefully choose the color and thickness of the threads so that the knitted jewelry looks harmoniously on the product.

  • The rest of the fur is suitable for making soft pompons . They are best used for a winter handbag. This will make it look softer. As a variation, the pompom can be made from knitting yarn.
  • Various ribbons of bright colors. Choose satin ribbons that are suitable for embroidering a beautiful flower or a whole bouquet . Its size will depend on the dimensions of the bag and on your desire. Stock up on patience and time, they will help to decorate with embroidery or make a pattern from a decorative cord. This is a long time, but efforts will create a unique item that no one will definitely have.
  • Other types of embroidery can also be made. Regardless of the selected technique (cross, smooth surface, etc.), after adding it to your accessory, you will make it one and only.

Ideas for Decorating Knitted Bags

  • Any handbag knitted from yarn can easily be decorated with buttons . The pattern will not play a special role. Buttons can be taken as one size, or completely different.
  • If you want to get a decoration of a certain color, then buy a spray can of paint and paint all the buttons in one color. Buttons will be distributed not only on the bag itself, they can be localized only on the handle or on the pocket. Colors should be used in contrast to highlight the background of the bag. Another option - on the contrary, pick up the tone.

    If you have a bag of blue yarn, then it will be beautifully decorated with shells . They will give a nautical theme.

  • Rhinestones or beads will truly add sparkle to the bag! Do not forget about the sense of proportion!
  • A natural ornament will look good. The use of decorative brushes of mountain ash or viburnum can fit into a knitted fabric. You can use one or two brushes, or you can decorate the entire surface of the bag with small brushes.