How to decorate a hat for the holiday of autumn

Autumn is not only the crying sky underfoot. This is a multi-colored carnival of flowers, berries, fruits, vegetables. This is a magnificent scattering of golden leaves. This is the time for morning parties and fall holidays for preschool children and primary school students.

Decorating a hat for an autumn ball

Children learn songs and poems, and parents prepare costumes, the central role in which is always given to the original headdress. The hat, decorated with the gifts of nature, will perfectly complement the outfit, and it is not difficult to do it yourself.

What is needed

There are no expenses for the hat and its decor. All the material used is something that can be borrowed in your wardrobe, collected in the park or cut in the country . If there is a ready-made straw or felt hat available - fine, we just have to decorate it with flowers, fruits, vegetables, leaves, cones. Flowers can be taken alive, artificial, dried, fabric, paper.

For decoration, we need the following blanks:

  • leaves of maple, fern, other plants;
  • plastic fruits, artificial flowers;
  • acorns, bumps;
  • rowan brushes;
  • PVA glue, superglue;
  • flexible wire;
  • thread with a needle;
  • fantasy;
  • patience.

If there is no suitable headgear, with a little effort, we will create it from ordinary packing cardboard using a needle with a thread or superglue. You will need colored paper for pasting or gift (packaging) for drapery.

Getting started:

  • cut out from a cardboard a circle of a diameter such as the field width to be made, for example, 32 cm;
  • inside, we outline and cut out the second circle of a smaller diameter - 20 cm for the bottom;
  • from the remaining cardboard we cut out a tulle 11 cm high and 63 cm long;
  • we sew the edges of the tulle, then the bottom with the tulle;
  • we sew hat fields to the received product;
  • we paste over with colored paper.

Important! Instead of colored paper, you can take wrapping paper and cover it separately with the margins and the upper part of the hat, draping a little in places of "extra" volumes. The result will be better if you use a thin fabric such as satin, silk or organza.

Everything, the headgear is ready. Now let's think about the general concept of decor and the details that will decorate the hat.

Hat Decoration Options

First of all, you need to decide what should come of it - a hat with a couple of flowers, a hat with several fruits and twigs on one side or a fully decorated surface. Depending on this, decoration elements should be prepared. Consider all three ideas.

Option one - a minimum of jewelry:

  • glue several maple leaves to the fields and top of the hat, placing them in the form of flower petals;
  • we put several fruits made of plastic inside, fixing them with a thin wire on the back side;
  • attach several fern leaves next to the fruit, like feathers to a hat;
  • optionally, you can add nearby flowers - live or artificial, acorns, cones.

Important! The wire that will hold the jewelry can damage the scalp. To avoid this, stick a piece of cardboard directly on its ends on the inside of the headgear.

Option two - partial decoration:

  • paint a few cones in bright colors, apply a silver or golden layer on top;
  • we attach one bump in the center of the bottom on top;
  • the rest are arranged in a row next to each other and glued with a glue gun or attached to the tulle (not to the fields) with threads, wrapping them around the base of the cone;
  • between them you can stick leaves or flowers.

Option three - complete, total decoration of the headgear:

  • paste over the top and bottom of the fields with dry (or paper) leaves;
  • on the bottom place the brushes of mountain ash, viburnum or elderberry so that its entire surface is closed;
  • fasten them with wire on the inside;
  • Decorate the upper part of the fields around the entire circumference with small fruits, grapes, flowers, sunflowers, alternating them, it is better to use light artificial substitutes.

Which option will be more acceptable for you is up to you. We are sure that these ideas will become the starting point for the flight of creative thought, and you and your children will come up with something special. And we can only give some recommendations for decorating the hat.

Some tips

  • A jar of plastic, matching in diameter with the volume of the child’s head, can serve as the top of the hat. Cardboard fields of the desired size should be glued to it. The jar can be replaced with a plastic bucket or round packaging from popcorn.
  • Instead of using colored paper, the hat can be wrapped with twine, laying it evenly around the glue-treated body. Ahead of the twine, you can soak it in bleach for a beautiful shade.
  • If you use leaves (for example, maple) in the decor, dry them under a press, cut a long stalk. Glue with PVA glue.
  • In order to create a wonderful flower with your own hands, cut several circles of different diameters from the fabric and connect them in the center with a bead. The circles do not have to be perfectly even. A slightly irregular shape will add a twist. A beautiful flower is obtained with layering.
  • Beads, leather leaves, open chestnut boxes, dried roses, rye spikelets, ladybugs from the presented bouquets - all this will certainly be at home and will be able to fit on the headdress with a bizarre composition.
  • Do not overload the child's hat - its weight should not be a problem. For decor, take artificial flowers and vegetables, they weigh a little. Remember that the baby is going on holiday, and a heavy hat will not allow him to feel comfortable.