How to decorate a fabric with cashmere?

Not many people know what the process of tissue decanting is. Decanting is a special process of processing the material with steam or hot water, which helps prevent shrinkage during subsequent processing, wear and improve appearance.

If the material is previously decated, then it will take the correct shrinkage and shape, which will avoid further deformation of the product. Decating allows you to make the color of the material more saturated and even. If the fabric has undergone decarving processing, then it is much easier to remove the stains that have appeared in the process of distant wear of the product.

On a note! If you are not sure that you can decorate the fabric yourself, we recommend entrusting it to specialists in the sewing workshop.

Decating process

Cashmere is considered a luxurious and delicate fabric. It requires special reverent care. The process of treating with hot water or using steam in garment factories occurs using a special machine - a steam generator.

If cashmere fabric is being decanted at home, it can be done with an iron. The decating process is carried out only from the wrong side, and using an iron (special piece of cotton fabric). If decanting takes place in several stages, the iron needs to be washed before each use. Once the material has been ironed, it must be left to dry completely on the table.

It's important to know! Before rolling, cashmere is smoothed with steam at a distance of 1-2 cm, not in contact with matter.

What you need for decating

If cashmere decanting occurs at home, then preparatory work is necessary. For work, you need an iron with a supply of steam and water. You will also need a piece of matter. It should be a cotton fabric that is not molted. The size of the iron should be at least 50x80 cm. Before use, it must be ironed.

It should be noted that gauze can not be used when decanting cashmere.

Decanting Features

Before you start decanting cashmere, you need to smooth it well with steam from the iron, but without touching it. This method will eliminate bruises and possible bends. Decating can be done in several ways. This can be done in the spread of the material and in the fold.

U-Turning is the most relevant since it makes it easier to work with matter. Do not forget that you need to iron cashmere from the wrong side. If there is a need to iron the fabric during decating, you need to do this with an unheated iron. The temperature of the iron must not exceed 40 ° C.