How to decorate a dress for an autumn ball

Every year, with the onset of autumn, various thematic mornings are organized in kindergartens dedicated to this beautiful season.

One of the most beloved kids' matinees is considered an autumn ball .

For this event, you can make a lot of different original costumes for the fall festival.

Images for the autumn ball

It is not necessary to purchase an expensive fancy dress in the store.

You can create a spectacular memorable outfit for the autumn ball with your own hands using adhesive tape, thread and a stapler.

To do this, you can successfully use available materials at hand (fabric, ribbons, colored paper, dry autumn leaves, cones, acorns and dried rowan berries).

Queen of the Autumn

A beautiful dress will be a suitable outfit for this image. First you need to decide on the style.

Such a dress should not be too open or very short.

The best option would be a lush long model with a rich finish and numerous decorative elements.

To make a similar outfit, you will need:

  • suitable in color (yellow, orange or brown) long elegant dress;
  • colored paper;
  • dry autumn leaves;
  • green felt;
  • threads.

Working process:

  1. When the corresponding dress is not available, you can do with a fluffy skirt-bundle of tulle of the corresponding color. Such a product is easy to sew in 1 hour without a sewing machine. For this purpose, it is necessary to cut strips of the required length of 10-15 cm from tulle and with a knot attach each part to a wide elastic band, which will act as a belt.
  2. Decorate the dress (or skirt) with cut out of colored paper or dried autumn leaves.
  3. Make a crown of felt or colored paper in a suitable color. Alternatively, you can use a wreath of leaves. To build it is quite simple. To do this, tear off the stalks from the leaves, then lay the leaves on top of each other in the form of a strip and fasten with stalks.

Advice! Instead of a wreath or crown, you can simply make a beautiful hairstyle by decorating your hair with leaves and dry flowers.


Pumpkin costume

To create such an outfit, you will need a dress or raglan (if the costume is designed for a boy) .

A pumpkin costume is made as follows:

It is necessary to sew wide knee-length breeches from a thin orange satin and linen elastic band.

To make a blouse (or shirt) from fabric of a darker, saturated shade with a magnificent collar and cuffs.

Decorate the upper and lower parts of the costume with bright stripes and ribbons of contrasting shades.

Make an orange round hat with a tail, tied with cords so that it looks like a pumpkin.

Tomato suit

Bright and effective option for an autumn ball.

To make a similar outfit, you need to prepare:

  • a pair of red t-shirts from knitwear (one size suitable for the child, and the next - a couple of more);
  • green felt;
  • threads of appropriate colors;
  • filler (synthetic winterizer).

Working process:

  1. The large T-shirt should be turned inside out and sew along the bottom line with a smaller T-shirt, slightly collecting material as needed.
  2. Turn the large product back and cut off its sleeves. Slices need to be bent inward and sewn to a sleeve of a smaller product to an okay, in the process of forming folds.
  3. Fill the area between the products with padding polyester or other similar material. The result should be a torso.
  4. Make felt and collar from felt. Then sew the leaves to the collar, and the collar after that - to the neck of the resulting body.
  5. Make a hat out of the cut sleeve of the T-shirt. To do this, pull one of the sections of the sleeve with a thread and sew a sheet of felt to the strained part.

Mushroom costume

This outfit is suitable for different age groups. It includes a turtleneck, shirt-front, panties and a hat.

To make it, you will need:

  • wide-brimmed hat with straight brim and braid inside;
  • brown fabric (0.6 m);
  • white knit fabric (0.5 m);
  • proclameline (as an alternative, you can use white calico);
  • synthetic winterizer (0.8 m);
  • white and brown threads.

Working process:

  1. Put the hat on a brown cloth and draw a chalk around the edge. Around the resulting circle draw a new one, adding 8-10 cm around the circumference, after which it needs to be cut. This will be the top detail of the mushroom cap.
  2. Put the hat on a white cloth, circle the contours and draw a circle, adding 3-4 cm around the circle. Then you need to cut the circle. This is the bottom of the hat.
  3. Turn the hat over, put a circle of light fabric on it and draw a small outline of the hole for the head, adding 3-5 cm to the hem. Cut hole.
  4. Loosen the synthetic winterizer and put a hat on it, including the edges. This is a blank for the hat.
  5. Cut a circle of proclamine 10-15 cm larger than the workpiece. Cover the hat with this circle, combining its center with the center of the hat. Fix the circle with pins on the synthetic winterizer, jokes it to the edges of the hat. Then turn the hat over and lay the synthetic winterizer with a thin layer on the back of the fields.
  6. Fasten the circle of proclamine from the inside along the edge of the hat. Lay folds and pierce them with pins. Surplus cut off.
  7. Sew proclamine to the hat with wide stitches. The result should be a bulk blank.
  8. Place the brown top of the hat on the resulting light workpiece, combining its center with the center of the circle and fix along the edges with pins.
  9. Turn the hat over and from the wrong side attach the material to the workpiece with pins (in uniform steps of 4-5 cm). The material should go around the edges of the hat with a margin of 2-3 cm.
  10. Sew the fabric to the hat in a circle with a seam “over the edge”.
  11. Put the hat on the previously made lower part, fix the fabric in a circle with pins and sew the lower part of the hat with a blind seam.
  12. Make small cuts on the fabric inside the head hole to process the inner edge, then fold the fabric and fix it with the pins along the entire length. Sew the fabric to the braid with a blind stitch.

Advice! If the hat is too big, you can lay it from the inside with a strip of padding polyester of the required width before processing the inner edge.

Forest little men

Costume goblin

This outfit over the years continues to remain invariably relevant.

Here's what you need to create such an image:

  • loose hoodie or cloak of gray, brown or brown-green color;
  • old pants;
  • tight rope (for a belt);
  • shoes (ideally, bast shoes);
  • fingerless gloves;
  • hat;
  • natural materials for decoration (dry leaves, moss, tree bark, cones).

Working process:

  1. Hoodie and pants should be decorated with natural materials and patches from various fabric cuts. You can cut many strips of fabric of different widths and sew them in the most different parts of the costume, and also apply a grid to decorate individual elements of clothing.
  2. Decorate the hat so that the elements of its decor echoed the jewelry on the suit.
  3. If there are no bast shoes, you can sew covers for shoes made of fabric of a suitable color and fix them on sneakers, slippers or ballet shoes.

Forest Fairy Costume

Elegant and delicate fairy costume is perfect for a little girl.

To make such an outfit, you need to prepare:

  • long green t-shirt;
  • dark green leggings;
  • felt yellow, dark green and orange;
  • marker;
  • glue gun.

Working process:

  1. Cut the bottom of the T-shirt to the chest line into thin fringe-like strips. At the bottom of them, if desired, can be tied to knots.
  2. Cut felt out of felt. They can have a variety of shapes, sizes and shades.
  3. Draw a marker on the leaves of the vein.
  4. Use a glue gun to decorate the top of the T-shirt and fringe with leaves.
  5. Make a felt and leaf ornament on your head.

Various little things help make any image more complete. It is necessary to carefully consider all the details and select accessories, taking into account the outfit and hairstyle. When the outfit is ready, you need to make sure that he will not prick, rub and cause the child inconvenience when walking.