How to decorate boots with your own hands

Traditional shoes from the time of Russia, boots for a long time did not attract the attention of designers. And only in the 90s of the last century, the famous Russian fashion designers gave a second life to this relic. It turned out that boots can look fashionable, beautiful and stylish. We will tell you how to do this.

DIY felt boots: options

After the return of fashion to Russian boots, the ideas of their decoration were replenished with many new products. Schemes can be easily found on the Internet, and adding to them your own imagination, get an elegant and stylish drawing to your taste.

What tools might be needed

There are two ways to fix the ornament on the shoe: glue or embroidery. Different finishing methods may require different supporting tools. Depending on the chosen method of fixing the picture, you will need:

  • glue;
  • brushes;
  • paints;
  • marker or felt-tip pen;
  • threads and needles;
  • iron.

IMPORTANT. For work, use only PVA glue. Superglue, as well as MOMENT and other similar varieties are not suitable.

The selection of threads is important, they should be in harmony with the shoes in color, composition and texture. Choose only high-quality yarns to avoid molting among synthetic and cotton varieties.

Possible materials for decoration

The choice of basis for future design is very extensive. It can be beads, rhinestones, lace, fur, satin ribbons, tinsel, sequins. As well as their various combinations that can transform your modest-looking shoes.

The selection of materials, as well as the creation of a beautiful pattern from them, depends only on your imagination.

How to decorate women's boots with your own hands

Not only fashion designers can transform the appearance of this simple product, each of us can do it. We’ll tell you how to get a stylish and unusual model from your shoes.

Embroidery on felt boots

This way to decorate shoes is popular, as the products are made of soft wool, which is easy to apply drawings and fix various additions.

Ribbon, sequins, beads and threads can serve as material for the ornament.

In stores, you can buy ready-made sets for embroidery.

Pick up a thick and strong needle with a wide eye to prevent breakage. You will also need scissors and chalk.

ON A NOTE. We do not recommend using acrylic threads - the layer of the fur of the product is too dense for them, and they can break. The best choice would be a floss.

The procedure for creating a picture.

  1. Chalk outlines of the future ornament.
  2. Then fasten the selected material to the needle and boots and embroider according to the pattern. At the end of the work, cut off the excess tape and fix it on the shoe. Spray the finished pattern from the spray gun and let it dry (do not use a heating battery for this).
  3. If you want to get a harmonious ornament, then use sequins, beads, leather or fabric, they will perfectly complement your drawing.
  4. Ornaments in the form of flowers and folk patterns will look great.

RECOMMENDATION. The edges of the shoes can be decorated with braid or a wide ribbon, provided that they should be in harmony with the main pattern.

How to decorate boots with beads

It goes well with beads and other materials.

They need to be sewn with a strong synthetic thread or fishing line.

You should not choose voluminous jewelry, as they can create inconvenience, clinging to clothes.

Show your imagination by creating a pattern of beads of different sizes and shades. The embroidered pattern will appeal to both an adult woman and a girl.

Beads for decoration boots

Unusual and bright ornament can be obtained using this material.

You will need nylon thread, thread for embroidery (to match the shoes), needles with a thin eye, beads of different colors, transparent beads.

Mark the outline of the picture with chalk or soap. Sewing each detail separately will be difficult, therefore, to simplify the task, put the beads on one thread and lay them on the indicated contours of the picture. Fasten the thread with small stitches, then sew the beads tightly and without gaps. Do not forget to grab a coat of wool. It is not necessary to pierce it, so the thickness of the shaft can complicate the process. At the end of the work, correct the deviations from the pattern scheme and fix the thread knot on the inside of the shoe.

ON A NOTE. Give preference to a large pattern so that it is noticeable. Ideally, the image should fill the entire side surface of the product.

Decoration felt boots ribbons

Easy and quick method to transform your shoes.

Need scissors, a needle with a wide eye, thread, knitting needle, chalk.

Use the chalk to designate the pattern of the ornament. You should embroider starting with larger parts and moving on to small elements.

Ribbon embroidery works well with a “back needle” stitch or cross-stitch. An option might be to use a lacing when it is sewn to the felt boots, and then through it you pass a tape of saturated colors. The lacing can be tied in the form of a beautiful bow.

REFERENCE. Tapes are an easily contaminated surface and are therefore not suitable for everyday shoes.

Lace is used

Choose a coarse base, for example, crocheted fabric, it goes well with boots.

The design will not take you much time: iron the lace carefully and simply sew to the inside of the shoe.

Depending on the height of the product, jewelry is selected: a narrow material is combined with low boots, a wide one - with high ones.

If desired, the ornament can be combined with beads.

We decorate boots with fur

Both artificial and natural substrates are equally suitable for work. It is advisable to pick it up with a short pile, such a decoration will not be overwritten and will last longer.

Large leather buttons and voluminous laces can become additional elements of the picture.

The fur is stitched from two sides, make the joint either from the back or from the inside.

For little girls, shoes with fur balls bouncing fervently while moving will be an ideal option.

How to decorate children's boots with their own hands

You can experiment with jewelry for children's shoes as you like: it can be cartoon or fairy-tale characters, spaceships, cars - and it will make your child happy to wear such beautiful and bright boots.

Children's embroidery on felt boots

Young fashionistas will like patterns in the form of a snowflake or Christmas tree, flowers, butterflies, stars. Embroidery with beads, small beads, sequins and multi-colored ribbons will serve as a great addition to the picture.

Alternatively, you can use various bows, girls love them very much. As a material, ribbons, lace, beautiful fabric are suitable. Ready and attached to the shoes bows optionally add rhinestones, bright stones, beads of various sizes.

Sew embroidery

Since this method of embroidery is performed on thick cardboard, it is enough to take care of a suitable substrate for your pattern, it can be leather or fabric. Using the backing, sew the ornament to the shoe.

ATTENTION. Be careful not to crush or damage the base with the embroidered picture when working.

However, the isonity technique itself will require some time to complete, this must be taken into account.

Painting on children's boots

The choice of drawing depends on your imagination and on the preferences of your child. In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, these may be New Year's characters: Santa Claus, a snowman, a snow maiden, or just snowflakes. Wearing such beautiful shoes will be a joy for the baby.

For work you will need glue, brushes, acrylic paints, a palette, a film (transparent), a felt-tip pen and an iron.

Apply an adhesive layer to the surface of the shoe and wait until it dries a little and becomes transparent. Then, with a chalk or a piece of soap, outline the outline of the picture and circle them with a marker.

Fill all the details of the ornament with colorful paint. Leave it to dry (about 6 hours), then iron it with an iron, under a thin cloth and without steam.

ON A NOTE. To make the image on a pair of shoes symmetrical, copy it onto the film and apply it on the second felt boot in this way.

Making a fabric applique

Creating an application is quite simple, just follow the instructions.

  • To create a picture, you can buy a finished sample or come up with it yourself. The child will undoubtedly enjoy the bright and cheerful pattern.
  • As the basis, you can use leather or suede. Knitted flowers, fur pompons, buttons, sequins and beads will be great additions.
  • Attach the finished version with glue or embroidery.
  • Undoubtedly, materials with different textures and embroidery with cords will diversify the created ornament.

IMPORTANT. The edges of the fabric should be intact and not crumble.

How to increase the strength of the decoration boots

To extend the life of a jewelry made by your own hands, follow some tips.

  • In case of improper drying and storage, the shoes shrink, which can cause distortion and damage to the applied ornament.
  • So that your work is not wasted and brought you joy, follow our tips.
  • After the walk, be sure to remove the snow so that the boots do not get wet.
  • Dry the product at room temperature.
  • Shoes should be cleaned with a dry brush in the direction of the pile. Cleaning is carried out strictly after drying.
  • For heavy soiling, use a sponge and detergent, then remove the foam, avoiding excess moisture.

IMPORTANT. During the thaw, do not wear felt boots without a rubber sole and do not dry on heating appliances.

Following these simple rules will save your shoes and your painstaking work on decorating it for a long time.