How to decorate a baby dress

When a girl appears in the family, mother automatically turns into a hairdresser, stylist, designer and fashion designer for her princess. Stores are full of outfits, but it is not always possible to find the perfect dress for a little fashionista. Either the color is not that, then there is no suitable size, then the price tag is sky-high, then the model is too simple and boring. But not all is lost. You can create an original dress yourself using various techniques of decoration and decor.

Ways to decorate dresses for girls

Currently, there are more than 40 types of clothing decor . Some of them require special skills, costs and materials. But many technicians can do it even for a beginner. Consider the basic techniques by which any dress will be transformed and become worthy of a real princess.


Three-dimensional embroidery is ideal for decorating children's dresses . The name of the technique speaks for itself. The decor should be voluminous. Achieve this effect with the help of different materials: ribbons, felt, floss and even wire.

  • With ribbons, you can embroider both the dress itself and create artificial flowers, turning them into a composition already on it.
  • From felt in a short time with the help of scissors, needles with thread and beads, you can create floral masterpieces.

ATTENTION ! When creating a composition from felt, it is important not to go too far with the elements, otherwise the image will become heavy.

  • By embroidering with satin stitch, you can create luxurious flowers using floss and wire threads, sewing the last along the contour. Elements will be not only voluminous, but also mobile. You can lay them to your taste.


Creating an application is a huge scope for creativity . Imagine with your child, scatter colorful rags of fabric around the house. Choose a picture - it can be a ripe strawberry, a voluminous heart made of knitted twisted ribbons, a delicate butterfly made of chiffon or a favorite cartoon character. So your lesson will become even more interesting and useful.

Another plus of the application is that it can mask a stain or a hole on the favorite clothes of a little fashionista.


Notes of nobleness and sophistication in any outfit of a young lady will add lace motifs . Openwork ribbons trim the bottom of the dress and sleeves, guipure inserts perfectly transform the usual dress that is not noticeable. They can be sewn horizontally and vertically, decorate individual elements, for example, pockets, cuffs, belt.

TIP ! If the old lace napkin is at home, there is a great reason to give her a second life, turning it into an amazing collar.

Fabric drawing

It is not necessary to be an artist to create original drawings on clothes. Some techniques are so simple that even a child can handle them.

IMPORTANT! Before applying the picture, the thing must be washed in order to prevent shrinkage and distortion of the picture after staining.

  • Use acrylic paints to create patterns. Until the paint has dried, you can shower the patterns with sparkles, small rhinestones.

ATTENTION! If you squeeze out a jet of paint on one half of the dress, fold it in half, and then turn it back, you get beautiful abstract drawings.

  • By tying the areas of the fabric to be dyed with wax-impregnated ropes, you will provide unusual patterns using the knotted batik technique .
  • You can change the color of a boring dress using a special dye, which is placed with the clothes in the washing machine.
  • Thin and graceful lines can be emphasized with special reserves in tubes with sharp tips, permanent contour markers, felt-tip pens.
  • Aerosols, sprays, stencils will help create original compositions . No spray at hand? Float a toothbrush, sponge, brush, print with improvised means. It will turn out original and interesting.


Beads, rhinestones, stones, sequins - a small part of what is presented in stores with accessories. And if the old mother’s beads are lying down at home, it’s just a find, because you can’t find such ones in retail outlets.

A needle, thread, a little mother’s time, and the most ordinary children's dress will gain a zest and stand out among others.

Ideas for decorating a New Year's dress for a girl

Any little fashionista has in her wardrobe a whole arsenal of outfits. But the dress for the New Year is distinguished by its style, and buying it at once does not make sense. Using the tips below, you can give the New Year mood even the most boring thing.

  • Fur the bottom of the dress with fur, sew a fur cape on your shoulders, put a crown on your head. So your young baby will become the Snow Queen.
  • Tie the tinsel at the waist, treat it with the bottom of the dress. Cut the snowflakes out of the foil and sew them evenly across the bottom, gradually fading to the waist.
  • Top the dress with stones of blue or silver .
  • If the dress is not fluffy, create a do-it-yourself tutu skirt . To do this, take 2 meters of tulle, cut it into strips 25 cm long, 5 cm wide, wash the strips on a wide elastic band in tone of tulle.
  • The fluffy skirt of the dress can be decorated with flowers and butterflies - so the baby will become a Fairy.

Give your girl a festive mood! Let your princesses be the most fashionable and beautiful!