How to create your own unique style: 5 steps

To have your own style, recognizable and admirable, is the dream of any girl, girl and woman. No one is born with a perfect sense of style. It comes as a result of painstaking work on oneself and with an understanding of oneself.

But there are 5 steps, carefully following which you can put together your own stylish wardrobe and develop a sense of taste:

  1. Analysis of lifestyle, preferences.
  2. Determination of color type, shape, analysis by type.
  3. The choice of style, color, clothing.
  4. Analysis of the wardrobe.
  5. Changing attitudes towards shopping.

Own life analysis

This is the first point that is aimed at understanding yourself. The girl must understand that in her life it takes more time and what less. To do this, you can draw a pie chart with various activities and note their percentage. So, the housewife will take most of the household chores, walks with the child. And attending events where evening wear is needed is already less. Girls working in the office will have a different situation. Understanding your own lifestyle is the foundation of a laid-back sense of style and wardrobe.

To better understand yourself, you can ask yourself 2 questions:

  • Who do I feel?
  • How do I want to see myself?

Next is to understand your own preferences. Someone more like delicate images, someone sports. At this stage, you can take advantage of Interest, study the bows of fashionable bloggers and keep yourself liked. You can save pictures of individual things, layouts of capsule wardrobes or photographs of people in ready-made images.

A notepad can also help, in which preferences will be written thesis.

Definition of a color type, figure and analysis by types

There are many classifications of people in the world that can help or confuse style formation. But for yourself it is advisable to highlight and understand three:

  • color type;
  • shape of the figure;
  • type.

The color type is divided into autumn, spring, summer and winter.

Girls of the autumn type have golden skin, dark blond shades of hair and bright eye color. Their general appearance is warm and reminds of this time of year.

For "spring" is characterized by light skin with a slight blush and blond hair. This type with minimal contrast.

Summer girls have almost transparent thin and fair skin, blonde hair and blue or gray eyes.

The “winter” in appearance has more contrast. It can be very fair skin and almost black hair. Sometimes there is "winter" with snow-white hair and bright eye color.

The figure in shape is found:

  • hourglass;
  • an Apple;
  • pear;
  • rectangle;
  • triangle.

Determining the type of self-made slightly more difficult, you may need the help of an outsider disinterested person.

One of the popular classifications is Larson type. Dramatists, straights, romantics, and gamins are distinguished here. Each type has its own figure, facial features, body structure and other details. In their pure form, these types are rarely found in life, usually 2-3 types are connected in girls at once. Understanding your own type greatly facilitates the formation of wardrobe and style, helps to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

The choice of style

A list with preferences and a vision of yourself in new images is now ready. There is information on suitable silhouettes and colors. It's time to combine all this information into a common concept.

The main styles include the following:

  • classical;
  • romantic;
  • sports;
  • retro;
  • ethnic;
  • casual.

It’s not necessary to use only one style in your wardrobe. In life you have to face different situations and you don’t always have to, for example, be “in sports”.

The chosen direction should be as comfortable as possible, consistent with preferences and appearance.

Analysis of the wardrobe

Do not rush to the store immediately after completing the previous paragraph. To fill your life with something new, you have to abandon the old. This will require a radical cleaning of the wardrobe.

For her, it is necessary to unload all the clothes, including outerwear, shoes, bags and jewelry. Each thing needs to be tried on and understood whether it fits into the concept of the future style. It is worth abandoning all things that are no longer relevant for the wardrobe or that bring a sense of discomfort. All unnecessary clothes can be handed over to stores and get a discount or give to friends.

From the remaining things it is worth adding the first images. For this, shoes, outerwear, and accessories will be used. Immediately you can record or take pictures of finished images and mark what is missing until the completion of others.

After a thorough analysis of the wardrobe, you only need to write a shopping list of new things and go to the store. The list should include new bags, jewelry, hats and other details to complete the look.

Changing attitudes towards shopping

A rare person can resist sales and promotions. Seasonal sales attract with every banner and promise lucrative purchases. Because of them, the sense of taste often gets confused when in a rush things are bought that are irrelevant for the wardrobe. Some girls buy inexpensive, at first glance, dresses, thinking that they will lose weight or it will come in handy for a holiday, or may find a new job.

This is not a reason to avoid sales, you can often buy really necessary things on them. But before any trip to the store, it is recommended to make a list of things that are needed or that can complement the existing wardrobe. Trying on clothes, even if they are very inexpensive, is also necessary slowly and responsibly. Introduce it with other things, evaluate the quality of tailoring and the service life of things in the wardrobe. This will protect the budget from unforeseen purchases, and the closet from the eternal problem of "nowhere to hang."

After five steps, the style does not appear on a magic wand. It is likely that someone will stop at one of the stages and engage in work on themselves at a deeper level. Style is not only the outer shell of a person. This is his attitude, comfort and understanding of his nature. The better a person understands how he wants to see himself, the easier the taste and style is formed.