How to combine a T-shirt with wide straps

Elegant silk tops on thin straps, crop tops, T-shirts with wide straps - a variety of women's clothing knows no bounds. The latter are an alternative name for alcoholic T-shirts.

There are two options for the origin of such a term. The first goes back to Soviet times, when a tank top with a round neckline and wide straps was part of men's underwear. But a certain layer of men who led a loose-headed lifestyle and abused alcohol did not hesitate to go to the nearest store or to meet a friend in a T-shirt alone. It was they who gave the name to T-shirts in the entire post-Soviet space.

The second version of the origin of such a name comes from the English language. There it is consonant with the phrase "beating his wife."

This type of clothing wandered from male to female wardrobe several times, but for the last 20 years it has been confidently fixed in both of them, becoming part of the basic wardrobe.


  • Who will fit wide-shoulder T-shirts?
  • Materials and styles of T-shirts
  • Features of creating a stylish image

Who will fit wide-shoulder T-shirts?

Tops on thin straps or in a linen style look very sophisticated and feminine. But girls with curvaceous or large arms, they may not fit. In such cases, it is recommended to choose a top with wide straps, and an alcoholic tank top is one of the options.

Like ladies with curvaceous forms, young fragile girls with small breasts can safely choose this option. In contrast to the silhouette of the T-shirt, the female figure will look even more elegant and playful.

Materials and styles of T-shirts

In the traditional representation of the “alcoholic” is white and straight cut. She has an elongated round neckline and deep armholes. But in stores there are various variations of this model.

In style, they differ:

  • flared;
  • tight-fitting;
  • direct;
  • knitted;
  • wrestling shoes - those in which the straps on the back are connected into one.

Flares are suitable for creating a casual or sporty look. Brave girls can wear them without underwear. If the chest does not allow this, then a semi-sports cropped top will suit a flared shirt.

Tight-fitting ones are used to create everyday, business and even evening looks. They can be plain or decorated with prints, embroidery, appliqués.

Straight models on wide straps are one of the universal options. They can be used with almost any type of clothing, especially if the model is without additional drawings and the base color.

Some fashionistas use knitted tops in the wardrobe. It doesn't have to look like a grandmother-related thing. A machine knit from a thin thread or a delicate knitwear are suitable for bows for every day. They will be appropriate with both jeans and a business suit.

Designers have no restrictions on colors. From classic white, they switched to black, gray, beige and all kinds of bright shades. They are decorated for every taste and color, complemented with embroideries, ornaments or patchwork elements. Transparent look bold, so they are worn only with a top in a contrasting or flesh color. They are suitable for a beach look, for a party or for sports.

Features of creating a stylish image

A T-shirt with wide straps is most often used in images as a base or as a connecting part. In rare cases, it is an accent thing or the main thing.

It is combined with shorts, narrowed or straight trousers, with business suits, skirts, elongated cardigans and jackets.

For the summer, you can collect an image from a T-shirt with a direct silhouette and shorts from costume fabric with pinches. The finishing touch will be a straw hat, wicker bag and wedge sandals. In cool weather, you can put on a jacket or an extended cardigan over.

Leather and eco-leather have not gone out of trend for several seasons. Pants or a skirt will be nice to combine with a model of a loose or flared silhouette. To create a more hooligan look, you should add a denim jacket or vest.

For a romantic look, a fitted T-shirt without unnecessary decor and a sun skirt below the knees are suitable. An elongated skirt visually stretches the growth, the shirt emphasizes fragility, and the image itself will remotely resemble the 50s. Shoes can be picked up on a low stable heel, flat shoes or classic boats.

Printed models can be combined with denim jackets or jackets. The latter again become relevant in the fall. So the combination of jackets, shirts and bikes is still useful on cool days. At a later time, bikes can be replaced with straight jeans with sneakers.

Another option for the fall is to put on a shirt under oversized shirts. The main thing is not to overload the image with bulky things. For example, straight-cut jeans, a man’s shirt and a T-shirt will be an option for everyday shopping or going out.

For a more feminine look, a mini skirt, a plain t-shirt, a loose cut jacket and sneakers are suitable .

If the shirt has a bright pattern or application, do not overload the image with additional accessories. It is enough to complete it with a bag and a hat if necessary, because the T-shirt will attract a part of attention. But in any case, it’s worth using such a thing carefully so as not to make the image old-fashioned and ridiculous.

A tank top with wide straps can become a universal part of any women's wardrobe. It is suitable for office ladies, creative people and women with children. In the wardrobe, it is enough to have 2-3 T-shirts of the basic colors of a direct and narrowed silhouette. This will allow you to create many images, complementing them with accessories and shoes.