How to combine a pleated skirt

"New - well forgotten old." This saying is very useful in determining the return to the fashion catwalks of pleated skirts. Designers were not too lazy and developed many new models of different lengths, textures and colors, so you can get confused which one is right for you. Let's get it together.

Pleated skirt: how is it different from corrugation

Sometimes the name “pleated skirt” appears on the price tag in a store, but any designer will say that this is not a pleated coat at all, but a corrugation. And the difference between these styles is striking. How to learn to distinguish one from another?

Pleated skirts and pleats distinguish from each other:

  • cut;
  • crease width.

Remove your skirt from the wardrobe and carefully examine it . If it is sewn in a straight pattern and all the folds from top to bottom are the same size, congratulations - you are the owner of a pleated, if you open the “sun” or “half-sun”, then this is certainly a corrugation. And what about those who do not understand the cut of clothes? Just consider the width of the folds: in the pleated, they are the same from top to bottom, and in the corrugation, expansion goes down.

The materials for both styles are taken the same, and their range is very wide:

  • chiffon;
  • silk;
  • atlas;
  • metal;
  • crepe georgette;
  • wool;
  • velours;
  • leather.

In this case, the folds will hold best if the fabric is synthetic or at least mixed with synthetic fibers.

Who goes and who doesn’t

Fashionistas sometimes do not think about whether this style suits them or not. For them, the main thing in clothes is that this is the latest fashion, and what they might look ridiculous from does not bother them. But those who want to be stylish and elegant should consider that pleated skirts are not suitable for everyone, and when choosing them, you need to take into account the features of your own figure.

  1. For tall women. A long pleated skirt is perfect. Just keep in mind that it visually increases the volume of the hips, so if you are the owner of curvaceous, it is better to abandon such a product. But for thin people - this is what you need! After all, such a skirt will hide the imperfect line of the hips and visually make the silhouette more feminine.
  2. For low women. It would seem that the vertical folds on the skirt should stretch the silhouette, but in maxi you will look unattractive. This does not mean that you should refuse pleated skirts in general. Just be careful with the length - it is better to choose styles to the knee or above the knee. With high-heeled shoes, you will look airy and appear taller.
  3. For overweight women. If you are the owner of magnificent forms, then the accordion pleats will visually increase you even more. But you can experiment with the corrugation, so that the folds increase downwards. And on top - a T-shirt or sweater on the run. Such an outfit will help you hide from passers-by far not a thin waist. And if the hips are absolutely critical, choose a pleated style with a yoke so that the folds begin not from the waist, but from the hip line.
  4. For women with an inverted triangle figure. Pleated skirts as if created specifically for you. Indeed, visually increasing the hips, they can distract the attention of others from the grenadier shoulders.

Features of creating a fashionable image with pleated skirt

Having returned fashion to the accordion pleats, the designers could not resist and brought new trends. First of all, this applies to newfangled fabrics.

Metallized fabric. Fabrics with a metallic sheen form perfect flowing folds that will shimmer in different shades when walking. Such skirts are suitable for lovers of urban style for parties. Just do not overdo it and try so that besides the skirt, nothing shines on you anymore.

Leather fabric. Fashionable women of the 70s of the last century could not even dream of a leather pleated, since at that time there were no technologies capable of making folds on genuine leather. A modern cheeky girls are perfect skirts of medium length or very short. And they do not have to be black. Stylists also offer other bright skin tones - blue, green, brown.

Knitted fabric. Such pleated skirts are more suitable for everyday wear - for work or for a walk. At the same time, the knitwear can be either plain, or striped, or even small peas. Such a skirt will look good with a shortened coat or short jacket.

Chiffon fabric. For the resort - what you need. A maxi from a plain or colored fabric with a knitted top or a light blouse will look especially grandiose. Transparent chiffon, slightly covering her legs, will give the owner of the skirt a touch of chic.

Tulle fabric. Such a skirt will be so transparent that a lining is required. On a hot day, the ensemble can be complemented with a cropped top on the straps, and if it's cool, dress a knitted jumper.

What color pleated to choose

Next season, colors that are as close as possible to natural will be popular, with the exception of shiny fabrics that seem to never go out of style. The top should be selected to match the color of the skirt, only one or two tones lighter.

  1. Gold shades will be acceptable on a summer evening and for a celebration, while the blouse and shoes should be matte shades.
  2. Silver skirts go well with gray and black tops, and for an evening out, you can take a chance and pick up the shine of another tone: gold, bronze, copper.
  3. Green dominates this season. For the summer, choose bright juicy shades of skirts in combination with white blouses or lace tops, for the cold season - swamp tones.
  4. Beige colors, as always, are trendy and suitable for those who want to look sophisticated. In this case, the blouse can be dressed bright, and sandals to choose the color of the skirt.
  5. White color gives joy and is wonderfully suitable for a sunny summer day. You can combine the top with white or any other color to your liking.
  6. Metallic, although it looks exceptional, but fills stronger than other colors, so it is suitable only for ladies with narrow hips.
  7. A pink pleated pleated fabric with a short sheath and translucent legs will add brightness and freshness to the look. In this case, you need to pick up the same light top in white, gray or beige shades.
  8. The blue color never seems to go out of style. In combination with a beige, white or gray blouse, a blue pleated skirt will look just perfect. And for a sea holiday, you should choose a white-blue combination.

How to wear a pleated skirt

Having studied the styles, fabrics and colors, we just have to figure out what to combine the pleated skirt with. In fashion today there are no strict rules and traditions, it all depends on each specific case. From what top you choose for a pleated skirt, your image will be elegant, classic or solemn.

Blouses. Usually they are worn for special occasions, and if they are made of lace, then you will look simply gorgeous.

Jackets. If you need to put a jacket over your shoulders on a cool evening, then it is advisable that it be shortened. An elongated model in combination with a pleated suit is suitable only for slim women.

Sweaters. In this kit you will not look smart, but for everyday wear just what you need, especially if the pleated mini.

Footwear. The choice of shoes depends on the season and your mood, and you can combine a pleated skirt with anything: ballet shoes, boots, pumps, boots and even sneakers.

We create an image depending on the occasion

As practice shows, a pleated skirt is appropriate at any time and in any place.

On weekdays, it is best to combine with T-shirts, turtlenecks, oversized sweaters and low-heeled shoes.

Business women choose discreet colors with a length just above or slightly below the knee with wide folds and always from opaque fabrics. Top - a strict blouse or shirt.

For a romantic date, a combination of accordion pleats with blouses decorated with ruffles and frills of gentle tones - pink, beige, mint, is suitable.

For a party, you can wear a pleated skirt with a short top in tone. To look even more stunning, choose a velvet or velor skirt.

Silk, crepe or chiffon are ideal for going to the theater. The solemn ensemble of blouses to match the skirt of silk or lace will complement.

Now you know how and what to wear pleated skirts with and you can dress to look graceful and attractive, and passers-by simply won’t be able to take your eyes off you.