How to combine neon colors in clothes and not dazzle others

Neon tones in clothes allow you to boldly and cheerfully add brightness to your standard wardrobe. But a strong passion for such shades can play a cruel joke. If you want to look stylish, and not dazzle people around, it is recommended to study useful recommendations for the correct implementation of neon in your outfits.

Choosing the right shade

As with regular tones, it’s important to pick and wear only what suits you . Hair color and skin tone affect the choice of color. For example, if blue tones look good on you, pick out things with a similar but brighter hue.

Combination with neutral tones.

Neutral tones are a real salvation for many bright images . Neon is an active, catchy color and it needs some suppression with a calmer gamma. This will achieve a balance in the image.

Calm, muted shades include:

  • white;
  • beige;
  • gray and powdery shades.

All this will make the outfit less flashy and aggressive.

Neon + dark color

Dark gamma adds seriousness to the image. The presence of neon colors in any outfit implies the need to balance the palette.

Any dark non-aggressive tone will cope with this task.

For example, dark blue adds softness to the image.

Only one neon color in clothes

The measure is important in everything. And the selection of clothes is no exception. If you want to add a thing of a neon color to the image, then only one.

Important! A saturation with neon will lead to a negative effect. A large number of flashy tones will make the view chaotic, vulgar and unattractive.

Therefore, it is permissible to use only one such thing. The exception is accessories . If you put on a skirt of a neon palette, it is permissible to add jewelry, a bag or shoes of the same color to it.

Contrast accessories

Such accessories allow you to add brightness along with, without fear of overdoing it with color. Of course, you should not hang yourself like a Christmas tree. But, adding a couple of bright notes, it will be possible to refresh the look.

Two neon-colored accessories are enough to be vibrant and balance.

The combination of neon and black stripes

This combination should be avoided, otherwise, you will look like a bee. If you do not pursue such a goal, you should choose either stripes or neon. An exception will be a combination with monophonic things.

If a skirt or striped top, you can add a second piece of clothing in a neon palette. But on one thing these combinations should not overlap.

Avoid blinding neon outfits

Among the neon products there are those that "blind" stronger than others. These include yellow and orange things. Therefore, they should be handled with care. Especially if you are going on a date, a romantic walk . To go too far with neon is very easy.

Shoe selection

It is recommended to choose traditional models like shoes, sneakers or ballet shoes . They are versatile. They can be worn with jeans or skirts in neutral colors.

The choice of attire in this range requires a serious approach. If you go too far with brightness, you will look tasteless.