How to combine a fuchsia dress?

Do you like the fuchsia color brightness? Then you are in trend! What is the advantage of this stylish and bold shade? We will tell below.

Fuchsia color features

This tone got its name by analogy with the name of the botanist Fuchs, who discovered an amazing flower - fuchsia. Many girls can’t imagine their wardrobe without such exquisite things that emphasize their confidence in their charms. This is entirely justified, because the dress literally "plays" under the rays of daylight and does not lose its brilliance from evening lighting.

Tastefully selected shoes and all kinds of accessories will help to avoid deliberate pretentiousness of the image.

Playful and bewitching, with a subtext of elegant beauty - he literally burst into the arena of the bygone 1930s. Since then, designers only occasionally let it out of sight a little, but soon returned to the fashionable Olympus again, finding more and more echoes of tones.

Popular shades

Fuchsia is a mixture of red and blue. And what this color will become - calm, gentle, modest or incredibly bright - depends on the selected proportions.

Most in demand among fashionistas:

  • deep;
  • Cherry Hollywood;
  • exquisite "fandango";
  • pink.

Who are they going to?

Such an outfit must be selected with caution. But many shades practically reduce the risk of miscalculating to zero.

Stylists recommend:

  • white-skinned and fair-haired - muffled, gentle "fuchsia" (for example, pink);
  • dark-haired brunettes - bright, rich.

The length and styles of fuchsia dresses

The type of dress depends on the figure:

  • grace to your liking - choose a quality laconic cut;
  • if you are the owner of a beautiful neat chest, then do not be afraid to wear a deep neckline;
  • stylish "pyshechke" fit low waist ;
  • a standard silhouette, the outline of which is not entirely ideal, perfectly shades the "maxi" with a high waistline;
  • a great choice for slim and tall - long to the floor with a magnificent flounce on the bottom;
  • it is better to immediately abandon the models decorated with embroidered patterns, all kinds of bows and shuttlecocks.


They are as if created for stylish and chic beauties:

  • the evening outfit goes well with stilettos in black, silver, beige and matching accessories;
  • it is better to cover the open shoulders in a maxi dress with a shawl or a cloak of fabric in shades of "fuchsia";
  • A sundress and a dress of light fabric are worn with low-heeled shoes of the same tone.


When choosing shoes and accessories, in this case, you should pay attention to green, blue and gray colors. A fitted model with a magnificent flounce at the bottom will be decorated with a narrow belt in the tone of shoes.

In the classic “case” of any of the shades, subject to a shallow neckline or without it, you can safely go to the office, to an official reception or use it as a daily outfit.


This is ideal for a night club party and meeting with friends. The ability to combine accessories with similar shades will give a chic unusual look.

Successful combinations

Fuchsia is very demanding on other colors . It is important to take this into account so as not to make the impression of a Christmas tree.


It will give elegance and nobility to clothes in shades of pink and purple .


Perfect if used as the color of shoes (fashionable stilettos, elegant ballet shoes, sophisticated sandals) and accessories.

The black

Suitable for shoes, handbags or small clutches . You can use a black bolero, or a belt and shoes, coupled with a fitted model of the outfit.

What to wear?

The brightness and expressiveness of the bold "fuchsia" does not imply the catchiness of accessories . The same model with a long sleeve does not need additions, except for a small handbag and stylish shoes.

Shoes & Accessories

Universal option: silver jewelry with additional decor, piece bracelet or a whole set, earrings in the same style.

The style defines everything:

  • the open model looks great with a bolero made from a similar fabric ;
  • a fitted belt will decorate in harmony with the image and decorations: for a short dress - wide, for a long one - narrow, slightly emphasizing the waist;
  • Dense material of the dress - it is better to give preference to massive jewelry, light - openwork, airy in the author's performance.

As for shoes, the best choice is beige or silver shades that will give any woman a refined elegance. And if you still dilute the ensemble with a silver clutch, then you definitely will not go unnoticed in the crowd.

Want to seem easy and carefree? Feel free to wear white shoes or sandals .

Prefer strict style? A black clutch and the same shoes would be appropriate.

Love the novelty and do not mind experimenting? Then to help you blue and green shades of shoes . It is important that their tone is not too flashy.

A win-win model is heeled pumps.

Tip. Discard rhinestones, sequins, sequins on shoes. They will make your look cheap. An unnecessary catch threatens to give along the varnish option in combination with a shiny cloth of clothing.

Makeup tips

Everything determines the goal:

  • an entertaining party allows the brightness and brightness of cosmetics (consonance of pink + purple + eggplant + plum + wine + cherry) with a matte or glossy lipstick that echoes the shadows;
  • a more balanced "fuchsia" allows shades of blue shadows and eyeliner in the form of arrows + skin tone blush + pink lipstick in matte color.

Color "fuchsia" is at the peak of fashion this season. It harmoniously fits into different images, but requires great attention when selecting shoes and accessories. It all depends on the style and individual characteristics of the figure.