How clothes affect our mood

The mood is not treated with pills, we get rid of the blues in various ways: a favorite treat, walks, meetings with friends and, of course, beautiful clothes. Even if you feel unwell, a good dress can tone up and make you smile.

Does clothing affect mood - true or fiction?

Of course, the truth! It is noted: if a man chooses a business suit for a meeting, then he unconsciously straightens his back and tightens his stomach, a woman in a chic evening dress and with a festive styling smiles more often, her shoulders are straightened, and an irresistible smile strikes on the spot.

Even the most favorite blouse that accompanied an unsuccessful date or witnessed trouble will become a source of bitter memories. It is better to get rid of such things once and for all, without leaving them a chance to lie in the bowels of the chest.

Considering your own wardrobe, it is worth dividing all things into four piles:

  1. Favorite clothes that fit perfectly, evoking positive emotions. It should be put in the most prominent places and regularly used.
  2. Clothing that for some reason does not fit. It should be put in a suitcase until better times or given away. No need to wear something that emphasizes the flaws of the figure or gives out treacherous folds on the stomach. Such moments only worsen the mood!
  3. Old clothes that evoke cute and pleasant emotions. It can also be kept as a keepsake.
  4. Things related to bad memories - take away! Forever take away from home and forget. Someone burns, someone gives out, but the best way is to give to charity, it will raise morale and give good to people in need.

Bad mood: the clothes are to blame!

Every woman is familiar with a situation where a sudden arrow in pantyhose can dramatically spoil the mood. Therefore, in your purse must be spare tights.

It is proved that baggy jeans are chosen in minutes of depression, longing. So maybe it’s better to throw them away and, in spite of your poor health, choose a more elegant option?

Clothing not on the figure spoils the mood, as it takes confidence in their strength and beauty. Any little thing in the form of a detached button can cause a negative, so you need to choose high-quality things with good fittings. All people went through such a state, so you need to catch the negative in time and avoid repeating the situation.

Urgent cheer up!

In rainy weather it is interesting to watch people walking in the street in gray windbreakers under black umbrellas, they frown and grumble. At the same time, a brave girl in a bright yellow raincoat and red rubber boots will smile and enjoy the rain!

In addition to the need to have bright colors in the wardrobe, it is important to remember about dubious savings. Cheap things with protruding threads of slurred fabric reduce self-esteem. Expensive outfits make you feel self-sufficient! People have long been accustomed to evaluating each other's things.

Instructions on how to cheer yourself up:

  1. Get rid of negative clothing.
  2. Wear colorful clothes.
  3. Give preference to quality.

The misconception that the old T-shirt is still useful in the country or during repairs is common enough. So accumulate deposits of old things, settling dusty piles on the shelves of the cabinet. When we get rid of trash, we free up space for what we really need!

Never need to be afraid to throw it away!

How not to get influenced by clothes

We must be wise to the wardrobe, choosing things not only in accordance with modern trends. Clothing should bring aesthetic pleasure, show an individual style and give undeniable self-confidence. It is necessary to dress in such a way that first of all we like ourselves - this is how we get a charge of vivacity that other people see.

It is recommended to regularly conduct audits and throw away unnecessary and obsolete blouses. After that, you can make a list and go to the store for shopping. The mood is guaranteed to rise!

Choose a wardrobe according to your state of mind, not your body.

Psychologists advise choosing a wardrobe according to sensation, and not by age. Of course, you don’t need to drastically change the image and put on a mini at the age of 50, but abandoning baggy sweatshirts with false shoulders in favor of fashionable cardigans is a good idea!

Clothing should work for the hostess, not against her!

Personal ideas about comfort are clearly visible on freelancers. Everyone knows that some people work without leaving home. Some of them are able to work effectively in pajamas without going far from the sofa, while others need to get themselves in order, dress in an office suit and only then start working in their own office at the desk.

Be sure to understand that each person has their own style, preferences and wishes. Do not blindly follow fashion and buy too expensive things that can not be combined with a person. A reasonable choice and a careful approach will help to create an excellent wardrobe for any occasion.