How to clean timberlands?

Timberlands confidently occupy a leading position among shoes around the world. Millions of people give preference to this particular brand in connection with high performance, durability, convenience and stylish appearance.

But, no matter how high-quality shoes are, they need systematic care to maintain an aesthetically beautiful appearance and maintain its reliability and frost resistance . We will talk about how to clean timberlands at home today.

Proper Timberland Cleaning at Home

Many who purchased shoes made of nubuck or oil nubuck mistakenly clean it on the principle of leather. But, this is not true. These materials require a special approach and knowledge of specific nuances. The main rule is a systematic purification, after each exit to the street.

Small particles, dirt and dust settle daily on the surface, and if you don’t put your shoes in order every evening, it will be very difficult to deal with the problem of dirt and stains in the future.

Important! Never wash your shoes under running water. Thus, you only smear the dirt, and as a result of drying - the shoes are deformed.

Shoe preparation

It is worthwhile to understand that nubuck and oil-nubuck timbers are non-leather shoes, with which the dirt was brushed off with a damp cloth and ready. Fifty percent of the success of high-quality cleaning depends on the preparatory stage:

1. To begin with, you should thoroughly dry the shoes . The use of electric heating appliances and dryers is strictly prohibited, since they deform the boot and make the material stiff. It is best to dry your shoes in a well-ventilated area or outdoors, but always in the shade. Direct sunlight causes the color to fade.

Important! Before putting the shoes to dry, we recommend inserting spacers into it or stuffing it tightly with paper / newspapers. This little trick will help to avoid deformation of the boot during drying.

2. After the timberland is completely dry - proceed to the second step - dry cleaning . Take a fairly hard brush and, as if with sweeping movements, clean the dirt from the surface. It is better to get a brush special for cleaning these materials, but, at worst, a toothbrush is also suitable.

Remember! In the preparatory phase, shoe contact with water is excluded - only dry cleaning. If this is not done, then when processing, you simply smear the dirt on the surface.

Cleaning Nubuck Timberlands

Nubuck in appearance is similar to suede, but has an increased level of water resistance. If you purchased timber from nubuck, you should immediately take care of special water-repellents, which can be bought at any store or supermarket.

Important! Only clean the surface every time before going out.

But, it is worthwhile to understand that these sprays are not a panacea, and can only be saved from moisture.

Dirt, ardor and damage can be removed by the following simple methods:

  • Always take a shoe brush with you to clean the surface immediately if dirty. Next, wipe with a damp cloth or cloth and allow to dry.
  • If the dirt was still able to "get" deeper and managed to dry, then you need soap foam, salt and the same brush. Make a solution of foam and salt, apply it to the surface . Do not rub immediately. Wait for the liquid to absorb and dry. Only then can you start dry brushing.
  • The scratches on the shoes pretty much spoil the appearance of the timberlands, but on this problem, we found a solution. An ordinary eraser (eraser) comes into play. Walk her through the scratched places, applying a little effort and there will be no trace of the defect.

Advice! In order to refresh the appearance of shoes, experts recommend using an eraser every month to treat the entire surface. Take note if you want timberland to always be as good as new!

From oil nubuck

Oil nubuck is a relatively new material, endowed with resistance to pollution, thanks to a special impregnation. But this does not mean that you can roam through puddles and mud. After all, if the dirt is absorbed, and in time does not cope with the formed stain, then it will be almost impossible to do in the future.

Remember a couple of simple rules:

Always wear a brush for cleaning and use at the slightest pollution.

It is possible and even necessary to wipe oilber timber from an oil nubuck with a damp cloth .

Once a month, clean the surface with an eraser or a special silicone brush.

Do not forget about aerosol products intended for daily care. Sprays will help maintain the original appearance of the shoe and its performance.

Important! When buying a new aerosol, always check it on an inconspicuous area of ​​the boot and only after that, proceed to the full treatment.

Cleaning rules

In order for timberlands to serve more than one year, you should remember several basic rules for care:

Never wash under running water . Otherwise, the shoes may become deformed.

With severe contamination, stain removers and other chemicals are allowed . But, it should be applied to a brush or sponge, and not to the surface and only after dry cleaning.

Care products choose exclusively for nubuck or oil-nubuck. Dear, high-quality and world-famous aerosols, creams and other for leather products, leave it for another occasion!

Express drying on batteries and other heating elements is prohibited! Better leave to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area.

Advice! So that the cleaning does not go in vain, and the result lasts longer, we recommend, as a final step, to treat the shoes with water-repellent impregnations and aerosols.

Old stains on shoes

Old stains on shoes are a huge problem that will not be easy to handle.

To get rid of old pollution is possible only with a solvent.

Important! The method is radical, and the result is unpredictable . Therefore, it is most logical to simply paint over the defect with a special spray.

Is it possible to restore nubuck?

There is no single answer to the question. It all depends on the degree of obstruction. If the areas are quite small and barely noticeable, then a rubber brush or eraser will come to the rescue. Just rub the areas well and the nubuck will “fluff up” again.

If the zones of thickening are strong, you can resort to the second method. You will need a hard brush, an eraser and steam. Heat the pot with water and hold the boot for thirty minutes at a distance of thirty centimeters. After that, thoroughly walk first with an eraser and then with a hard brush. Under the influence of high temperatures and humidity, the villi will fluff.

Important! Do not overdo it and use excessive force. Otherwise, you will not restore the timberland coating, but will render your shoes unusable.

Timberlands - stylish, versatile and at the same time “finicky” shoes. She needs a systematic, comprehensive care in order to preserve the original appearance and characteristics. But, knowing a little tricks, everyone can handle it!