How to clean a suede sofa?

The sofa is a favorite place in many homes, and if it is also beautiful - suede, then this is doubly good.

Such furniture looks luxurious and tasteful. How to maintain the appearance in its original form will be described in more detail in this article.

What threats lurk in an apartment for a suede sofa?

It is no coincidence that the couch is loved by households. It can be conveniently located during a noisy feast, or, conversely, in a quiet family circle, sit down with popcorn and your favorite movie. After this pastime, various spots may remain.

Pets, small children - can become a real threat to a suede sofa.

How to clean a suede sofa at home?

Furniture looks expensive and stylish when in good shape, so many owners struggle for their cleanliness.

A goodbye to small debris, dust and hair will help a vacuum cleaner and a brush for pile - use it when vacuuming a sofa. The steam generator has proven itself in care. The technique fights not only with traces of gatherings, domestic troubles, but also with parasites that may be in furniture. Drive the device only in a certain direction, eliminate wet dust with a microfiber cloth.

Blot the fresh alcohol stains, sprinkle with salt, let soak for fifteen minutes. After the time has elapsed, shake off the remaining salt and treat the place with an alcohol wipe.

Stains of fat will help defeat soda (you can salt) and starch. Apply them for fifteen minutes to the affected area, and then apply the dishwashing solution. Wipe, leave for a short period of time. Sponge and dry.

In a house with young children, the problem of getting rid of urine stains is relevant . As soon as the “incident” happened, immediately blot the place with dry cloth. Then apply foam from laundry or any other soap and a weak solution of vinegar. Housewives also use soda, and with the help of a spray gun, hydrogen peroxide and a glassware are applied. The resulting foam is left for several hours, cleaned and dried. Dark suede is cleaned with slightly pink potassium permanganate. The fabric soaked in it is applied to the surface of the sofa for thirty minutes, then dried.

If it happened that blood drops were on the furniture, immediately wipe the area with soapy foam.

When removing blood stains, do not use warm water, in which case the blood drops coagulate.

An already dried stain can be removed with a dishwashing agent. In this case, in addition to salt, soda and borax, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide also help.

Another problem of housewives is the accumulation of dust on furniture. To get rid of it, use a slightly damp sheet. Cover it with a sofa and knock it out in a convenient way. Then vacuum.

To clean the armrests will help not only the tools used to remove grease stains, but also to clean the inside of the car. Dilute with water, apply with a sponge to the stain. Repeat the operation if necessary, while making sure that the sofa does not get wet. Dry with a hairdryer.

What tools are allowed when cleaning suede upholstery?

It is permissible to use special substances that clean suede shoes: sprays and brushes . Sprays will update the color of the sofa, in addition, they contain caring oils.

Vinegar fights food stains well. In tandem with a detergent, it copes with traces of spilled coffee or tea.

After cleaning, wipe the sofa with a damp cloth.

Salt can reduce stains from wine. Try to solve the problem immediately while the stain is fresh.

White perfumes will help to cope with fat and fat. To do this, blot a perfume on a paper towel. Then sprinkle the stain with talcum powder and leave to dry. Do not take measures until it dries to “not dissolve” the dirt. Clean with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Ammonia solution fights stains of fat or oil. It is worth noting that this method is cardinal.

Protecting suede on the couch from dirt

To make the sofa less dirty, suede is recommended to be covered with a specially designed protective spray.

Always test the sprays on an inconspicuous area of ​​the sofa to see if it leaves traces.

One of the most effective ways to protect, of course, is to prevent stains. A bedspread may help .