How to clean nubuck boots

Nubuck shoes require no less care than suede or leather. For this practical thing to serve for a long time and effectively, you should know a number of rules for caring for this capricious material.

Nubuck Care

By purchasing these shoes, it is worth knowing all the subtleties of the product material. After all, nubuck, in its structure, is a very hardy and valuable material having a lot of positive qualities:

  • Keeps warm for a long time;
  • Soft enough to the touch;
  • Does not harden in severe frosts;
  • While wearing, it does not stretch, perfectly supports the shape of the legs and gives maximum comfort. The only thing that brushing from this skin has some rules that you need to know and apply in care actions. Basic Rules;
  • Carry out cleaning only after thoroughly drying the shoes;
  • Using home methods of skin cleansing, make accurate formulations and solutions, otherwise the shoes will be damaged;
  • First, we sweep away the dirt, dust with a brush, and only then we apply cleaning products;
  • If dirt is not visible, it is better not to clean it again, especially with liquid products;
  • In winter, water repellents should be applied every day after drying;

    IMPORTANT: Do not dry your shoes with electrical appliances, batteries, although these methods are quick, but cause the skin to deform. Then, when dressing, kinks occur.

  • Protect from rain, snow.

What products are needed to care for nubuck

In order to properly care for boots made of nubuck, you need to know what means are suitable for this material:

  1. Spray aerosols. They are used to rid the remains of dirt. Different greasy stains are removed. Apply to prevent moisture.
  2. Shampoos and cleaning products. For use, first remove dust, surface dirt, and only then should be applied to the skin.

    IMPORTANT: Apply the detergent first to the sponge and then to the boots.

  3. To restore color, use coloring aerosols, which are suitable specifically for nubuck.

Use home remedies

  • For one liter of water, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Then moisten a cotton swab and apply to the surface, leave for 24 hours. When dried, there will be no trace of spots.
  • In 40 ml of water, add 10 ml of ammonia. With this composition, use a sponge to wipe the stains and leave for 12 hours. The spots will disappear.

    ATTENTION: Do not use these methods too often, this can damage the material of the shoe. It is better to use special, designed cleaning products for nubuck, which are sold in every shoe store. Previously, ask the seller what tool is suitable for your shoes, otherwise you risk losing the color of the product.

  • If greasy stains appear: sprinkle with starch or talcum powder. Leave on for 20 minutes and then brush off the leftovers. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

How to quickly restore the lost look of boots

Hold the product above the steam, this will allow the fibers to smooth out and acquire a new look. Such manipulations should be done at least 2 times a week. And then, it will make it possible to carry shoes for a long time and not buy a new one.

What can not be done

Nubuck leather is not simple in structure. She has villi, which are processed with a special composition. We will tell you what you should not do:

  • Boots should not be wet or worn in wet weather;
  • Care products should not have an oily fat base;
  • Any cleaning should be minimal, otherwise the pile will quickly erase;
  • Use only a special brush, but pre-treat with a special nubuck skin care spray. Otherwise, you cannot restore the color of the shoes;
  • Wrap and store in film bags. We recommend storing in boxes with holes for air masses;
  • Drying near heat sources is strictly prohibited.