How to clean a mink coat

All women dream of a beautiful mink coat. It allows not only to be warm, but also to look spectacular. But do not forget that you need to take care of a fur coat. Cleaning it must be approached with complete seriousness, as one incorrect movement can ruin the product. Many believe that this procedure should not be carried out at home. There are several ways that quickly and efficiently remove yellowness and unwanted contaminants.

Abrasive materials

This option is perfect for light pollution. If the thing is a little dusty, it is best to use sawdust of non-resinous trees. First they must be soaked in alcohol. Then apply on a fur coat. You can get rid of the remaining sawdust with an ordinary brush.


Talcum cleaning is best for light fur. You can also use semolina in exactly the same way. The fur coat must be laid on a flat surface and evenly spread. This procedure is best done with gloves, since talcum powder remains on the hands. Then you need to sprinkle all the fur with plenty of talcum powder. Then, with light movements, rub in talcum powder. At the end of the procedure, you need to shake the thing and remove the remnants of talc with a brush.

Attention! Flour and starch are not suitable for this type of cleaning! They will clog in the villi of the fur and swell when exposed to water. This will definitely ruin your product.

Wet cleaning with shampoos

This method is perfect for more serious pollution. In warm water you need to add a good shampoo and mix until foam. After that, this foam must be applied to the fur with a cotton pad and rub a little. Then wash off the remaining foam with clean warm water and dry the fur with a napkin. In the same way, you can use vinegar with peroxide, but here you should be careful.

Lining cleaning

The lining of a fur coat quite often becomes dusty and gets an unpleasant odor. Cleaning it is not as easy as fur, but possible. You can use two options for cleaning. Unfasten the lining or gently clean the lining on the product. For minor contaminants, the second option is suitable, but with large, stubborn spots, you will have to tear off the lining from the base.

Next, the lining is cleaned with a sponge and soap solution. Gently rub the soap solution into the lining. Then it must be washed with clean water and dried with a napkin.

What should not be done when cleaning fur products

Brushing a fur coat is often not recommended. Due to constant washing and cleaning, the fur coat will quickly become unusable. Therefore, you need to wear fur products carefully so as not to get dirty again.

Errors when cleaning the fur are made quite often. One of the worst mistakes is to clean the fur coat with powder and soap. For cleaning, you can use only foam, but in no case should you rub the product with soap and even more so, fill it with powder. The powder will definitely get stuck in the villi and it will be difficult to remove with a brush.

The use of flour and starch when cleaning stains is also a popular mistake. Thus, some try to replace talc or semolina, but this method is not suitable. Flour and starch remain on the villi. Then, when water or snow gets in, they swell. It will be difficult to get rid of this problem, therefore it is better not to make such mistakes.

All girls love to look beautiful in fur coats, but do not forget that such things need to be looked after. Otherwise, they quickly deteriorate.