How to clean a leather wallet?

A leather wallet is not only a stylish, but also a practical accessory. For it to last longer, it is important to ensure proper care. It includes some basic rules and helpful recommendations. So how to clean it?

Rules for cleaning the skin at home

First of all, you need to prepare your wallet for cleaning. The safety of the appearance of the leather product depends on the correctness of the operations at this stage . First you need to remove the contents from the purse. Then you need to evaluate the condition of the accessory for dirt and stains.

The leather coating is sensitive to temperature, humidity, chemicals. With significant differences, the material may crack. It is necessary to carry out cleaning at a temperature up to 30ºС. The maximum performance during drying is 50 ºС.

Important! The wallet should stand for a day in a room at room temperature. This will prevent the product from shrinkage and deformation.

Easy dirt cleaning

Small general impurities will help to remove easy cleaning with a liquid soap. A cloth and water are also required. General cleaning sequence:

  • a little liquid soap should be diluted in a warm liquid until foam forms;
  • the rag can be moistened in water and squeezed well;
  • then you need to start wiping your wallet;
  • then you need to clean the soap with a clean liquid;
  • then the product is wiped and polished with a dry cloth.

How to deal with stains?

Individual stains can be removed with special synthetic means. There are also folk recipes for gentle skin treatment.

How to remove stains of different origin:

  • lemon juice will help to cope with stains from hot drinks and blood;
  • you can remove grease and dirt with alcohol, but the main thing is to clean it promptly, avoiding prolonged contact;
  • to lighten the accessory, mix beaten egg whites with milk;
  • Vaseline cleans the most persistent contaminants, which is applied to the skin for 5-12 hours.

Important! To extend the life of the wallet, it is important to periodically lubricate it with castor oil and leave it in this state overnight. In the morning you will need to polish.

What to make the wallet less dirty?

As a daily care, you can use ordinary alcohol-free wet wipes . From dirt and other adverse factors can protect special means of synthetic production. If you regularly apply the compounds to the skin, then it will retain color, texture and shine longer.

Skin Care Features:

  • negatively affects the skin with ultraviolet light and electric light;
  • a leather purse is suitable only for storing paper money, coins can stretch the material;
  • water reflects poorly on the wallet (it is important to protect products from rain);
  • Do not dry the accessory on the battery or near heating equipment, otherwise deformation is inevitable.

Updating the wallet inside

Do not wash the accessory in water. The inside will dry for a long time, emitting an unpleasant odor, and the outside will begin to crack, deform. The purse inside is cleaned with a soap and foam sponge.

Using a cloth with foam, it is necessary to process all internal pockets, seams, locks, and far corners. An old toothbrush is also suitable for cleaning. The remaining foam is cleaned with a dry cloth or wrung out sponge.

For drying, the product must be opened . Do not place the accessory in the open sun or near heating appliances. The room should not be hot. A day is allocated for drying. Operation of the product is allowed after complete drying so that there is no unpleasant raw smell.