How to clean fur on a sheepskin coat

A warm sheepskin coat is a good item for winter wardrobe of men and women. But no matter how carefully she is worn, she loses her perfect look. It’s not practical to give a sheepskin coat a dry clean. This problem can be dealt with at home. There are many ways to clean your sheepskin coat yourself.

How to clean fur on a sheepskin coat

The fur adorns a sheepskin coat on the collar, in the form of cuffs, fringes, at the bottom of the product. It requires careful care. Regular combing of dust and fine dirt will allow the fur to look neat for a long time. To remove contaminants, special cleaning methods are used.

Abrasive products

A mixture of regular sand and wheat bran allows you to refresh the pile. The components are taken in equal proportions, heated in a dry frying pan, carefully treated the surface. The remains are swept away, combed with a brush with natural bristles.

Only bran clean the sheepskin from the inside. It is necessary to turn the sheepskin coat inside out, and lay it on a flat surface. Sprinkle heated bran on the sheepskin, rub them into the pile, with special emphasis on contaminated places (armpit, neck). Next, raise the sheepskin coat, shake well, knock out the remains of the bran with a stick, comb the pile with a brush.

Vinegar, alcohol, water

This method is designed only for natural fur. In equal proportions, you need to take ethyl alcohol, water and acetic acid. Gently apply with a sponge, rubbing in areas of greatest contamination. Next, wipe the entire surface with a clean cloth.


For cleaning fur coats shampoo for cats is well suited. It is diluted in water until a stable foam is formed. Apply with a sponge, leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. In this case, it is advisable not to wet the skin of the sheepskin coat.

Lemon juice

An effective remedy is lemon juice (not diluted citric acid). Foam sponge should be soaked with juice, applied to the most contaminated places, then wipe the entire surface. After a few minutes, gently comb the fur with a brush.

Shop Facilities

There are special products for the care of fur products. When choosing you need to take into account recommendations for use.

- retains freshness and good appearance, is used for any type of pile. Cleans, prevents new pollution. Does not allow the undercoat to fall off. It has antistatic qualities. UR FRESH SALAMANDER Professional - means for dyed fur, restores color to faded areas. The disadvantage is an unpleasant odor. LIVAL LICKER KONZ - cleans and restores the luster of the pile, making it soft. ULTRA FINISH MILK - cleans the pile, restores color. TERRE DE SOMMIERES POWDER is a powder that successfully maskes oil and greasy stains. These tools help you quickly and effectively deal with pollution.

Important details and nuances

When cleaning fur, there are several restrictions that must be observed so as not to damage the pile.

Natural fur is not allowed:

  • wash;
  • blow dry;
  • iron;
  • to clean household chemicals;
  • use washing powders with enzymes, bleaching agents.

It is better to clean the pile on the sheepskin coat periodically, without waiting for severe contamination. In this case, he will always look beautiful and neat.

Products with natural and artificial fur in the fresh air gain volume. Well they are affected by cold, low humidity and wind. They are cleaned under such weather conditions, villi independently rise. Be sure to walk in sheepskin coats in such weather for natural cleansing.