How to choose a women bag?

It is extremely difficult to imagine a modern fair sex without a handbag. This accessory is considered one of the most important components of the wardrobe.

A women's bag can not only be used as a functional and roomy accessory, but depending on the model, it can become an important part of the image.

General rules for choosing a women bag

In the existing variety of different models produced by different brands, one can easily get lost.

Choosing the best option is quite difficult, since such an accessory should correspond not only to the image, but also to the lifestyle.

Let’s figure out how to choose the right bag for every day.

Proportionality to the figure

Of great importance is the size of the product of this kind.

Options for bags for girls up to 165 cm tall

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • ladies with a miniature figure, it is advisable to give preference to equally miniature products;
  • fashionable women with forms are well suited for medium-sized products;
  • for plus size ladies, a medium-sized accessory that matches their height and size will be an excellent choice (in this case, it is better to choose models with a minimalist design and strict contours).

The bag is disproportionate to figure and height

Color selection

Suitable colors for the product that you plan to use daily are beige, gray, taupe and blue (office option). A good alternative to black, which many women love so much, can be any muted shades from blue to burgundy.

For winter, handbags of gray, brown and coffee-chocolate shades are perfect. In summer, you can safely choose bright models. In the hot months, products of red, pale pink, lemon yellow, orange and green shades are very popular.

Important! Recently, it is no longer customary to choose a bag for the color of shoes, it is very impressive.

Spectacular combinations of shoes and shoes

Refusal of fakes

Any popular luxury model has a similar option among budget brands.

Analogs have much in common with the original model, but at the same time they are made of other materials and have a lower cost.

Advice! It is not recommended to purchase a replica, even if it is of high quality. It is easy to recognize a fake at the seams (in the original models they are impeccable), interior decoration, fittings, as well as other similar trifles.

Quality fittings

Choosing a similar product, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of handles, locks, zippers, inscriptions and other similar accessories. Each, even the smallest, element must be made accurately and efficiently.

The color of such elements does not really matter. Specially selecting similar shades of metals in the image is completely optional.

Bag shape

Women’s bags can be of varying stiffness : shapeless bag-like models, soft bags, products with a very rigid frame, soft, but with clear shapes. The most suitable option for daily use will be a rectangular or trapezoidal model, which holds its shape well. These bags go well with any image and always look appropriate.

Models with a soft shape are charming in their own way and harmoniously fit into some images, but at the same time they will not be able to become a full-fledged everyday option.

Advice! It is better to choose a product that is opposite to the lines of the body. For example, tall and slender girls are advised to choose round bags.

Number of bags in the wardrobe

It is very successful if the wardrobe contains a suitable model for any occasion or at least two universal options. For example, a tote (a capacious unisex bag) and a cross-body, which can be quickly converted into an elegant clutch.

The best option for a casual bag should be not only comfortable, but also stylish. Such a product should be chosen very carefully, since such an accessory can often tell about its owner much more than the chosen clothing style.