How to choose a watch for men

Despite the fact that today there are a huge number of different gadgets that can show time, watches have remained an integral part of a stylish male image . They became an indicator of a certain status of the representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, they are not acquired as a separate accessory, but are selected for a specific image.

What to look for when choosing

The watch market offers a wide selection of models: from the most primitive and inexpensive to luxurious, designed from the first seconds to indicate the status of its owner. However, you need to choose the product wisely.

Important criteria

When buying, you need to have an idea of ​​a number of criteria that must be considered.


By this criterion, the following types are distinguished:

  • mechanical;
  • quartz;
  • electronic.

Usually, a man has his own preference, you should ask them if the accessory they like is to their liking.


It is the case that determines the style of the accessory and the quality of the product itself.

Advice! Pay attention to its shape, size, additional features of the watch, which are indicated on the case.

A bracelet

The design (metal bracelet, leather or leatherette strap) also relates to the style of the men's accessory.

Important! Watches are most often an indispensable attribute of a status, respectable man. Expensive models from well-known brands usually determine the quality of the product.

The principle of the mechanism

Among all the criteria, the main one is the type of watch mechanism.


A mechanical classic is considered a stylish classic in men's fashion. This model works on the basis of a spring mechanism, which has certain errors in operation. But still, such watches are in greatest demand among the stronger sex.

The disadvantage of mechanical watches is the need for their winding . In addition, they are not cheap and are produced from the middle class and above. Recently, to ensure the accuracy of the displayed time, a quartz mechanism or electronics is built into the inside.


The most common type of watch. They can be found from the cheapest items to expensive premium models.

Reference! Quartz movements are highly accurate and run on batteries, which power them.


This is a tribute to modern developments. The device can have not only a clock, but also various gadgets that perform a variety of tasks.

This option of the accessory is usually chosen by men who are rapidly going through life.

How to choose a watch taking into account the lifestyle of a man

A huge selection of watches of different models and cost in boutiques can lead to confusion of anyone. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose the most high-quality and convenient model that will be combined with the status of a man and his occupation.

Experts advise making choices based on everyday activities.

For active and energetic

For athletes and men leading an active lifestyle, you can choose electronic models or mechanical watches with automatic winding.

The main thing is that the body is lightweight and does not interfere with movement .

Advice! Glass is better to choose from combined materials so that it is resistant to mechanical stress.

For master craftsmen

For workers whose activities are associated with difficult working conditions, it is better to choose inexpensive models . For example, stainless steel or plastic, resistant to mechanical stress.

Important! It is good that the accessory is protected from moisture and fastened with a convenient but stable strap.

For business and reputable

For business people with access to the highest circles, it is better to choose a permanent classic. They fit mechanical products, possibly with automatic winding.

Important! Of particular importance will be the brand and value of the product.

As for individual features, such as the choice of fastening, glass, the design of the bracelet and other details of the accessory, the opinion of a man is decisive here. After all, the watch should be comfortable and not restricting movement .