How to choose thermal underwear for sports?

It is not always convenient to go in for sports in ordinary clothes. Sometimes such clothes can impede movement or warm them inadequately when it comes to winter sports. The solution to such problems can be the use of thermal underwear. This is one of the main elements of sportswear designed to control heat transfer. But how to choose such products?

Distinctive features of thermal underwear

The main function of such underwear is the exercise of control over heat transfer through the removal of moisture.

Under cold conditions, thermal underwear allows you to keep warm, and in hot conditions it does not get wet from sweat. This functionality is the main difference between thermal underwear from the usual clothes made of cotton or synthetics.

In the manufacture of linen of this type, technological synthetic fibers, high-quality wool (mainly merino sheep wool) or a combination of such materials are used. The cut of such clothes often involves a combination of materials with different composition, properties and density (muscle support, warming, ventilation) in a variety of areas.

Why do you need thermal underwear for sports?

The need to use such clothes for sports training is primarily due to its unique characteristics.

The materials used in the manufacture of this functional underwear have an amazing ability to retain heat and provide full thermal protection of the whole body in models designed for both beginners and experienced athletes.

The most important feature of such linen in this case is the removal of moisture from the entire body. This is especially true in the process of active sports training outdoors in the winter. In cold weather, the body pretty sweating as a result of high physical exertion cools sharply, which in turn can provoke a severe cold.

What is the best composition for underwear for sports?

Heat-saving products, although they warm, do not solve the problem of excessive moisture. Therefore, models made of natural materials (wool and cotton) in this case cannot be considered a suitable option.

Thermal underwear for sports training should be made of high-tech synthetics. A suitable composition of thermal underwear for sports is considered to be 100% polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, combinations of polyamide with polyester.

Reference! Typically, synthetics begin to emit an unpleasant odor after prolonged use, but high-quality thermal underwear does not absorb the smell of sweat, so it is enough to wash it once a week.

Thermal underwear made of synthetic materials has several advantages. Such products fully remove moisture, leaving the body dry. In such clothes will not be hot even during intense training. Items made from these materials do not fade or stretch during washing. In addition, synthetic thermal underwear is more wear-resistant compared to natural counterparts and weighs significantly less.

Factors influencing the choice of linen

When choosing this type of underwear, it is necessary to take into account what type of sport it is purchased for.

Various types of thermal underwear are suitable for different types of sports:

  • for running - fully synthetic, moisture-removing products;
  • for surfing - quick-drying models;
  • for figure skating and speed skating - very thin and tight-fitting products;
  • for skiing - models with enhanced protection against hypothermia in the groin area.

In addition, it is also recommended to take into account the degree of individual cold intolerance.

Depending on what kind of sport the thermal underwear is intended for, it may have appropriate inscriptions. So, underwear with Running inscription is designed for various types of running, products with the Nordic Walking symbol for leisurely walking, models with the Road Bike inscription are an excellent choice for bicycle training, and thermal underwear with the Mountain Bike symbol for long bike rides in the mountains in autumn.

Size selection

Each manufacturer has its own dimensional grid, but when choosing you can follow the most common markings:

  • S - corresponds to 46-48 size for men and 44 size for women;
  • M - coincides with size 48-50 for men and size 46-48 for women;
  • L - equal to 50-52 size for men and 50 size for women;
  • XL - approximately corresponds to 52-54 sizes for both sexes;
  • XXS and XS - children's sizes corresponding to sizes 128-134 and 140-146 (in smaller models, the size is indicated in accordance with the age of the child.

Important! Thermal underwear should sit on the body like a second skin, without sagging anywhere. The size of such products must be selected clearly, without stock.

What does a person feel in such underwear?

Depending on the type of physical activity, a person in thermal underwear can experience a variety of sensations. If such linen was chosen correctly, even with a load of increased intensity (for example, while jogging), sensations that a trickle of sweat is flowing down the back or so that a wet area forms on the lower back should not occur.

If thermal underwear is used in camping conditions, when the physical load is quite “torn” in nature, a feeling of humidity may appear at moments of maximum intensity, but only for a few minutes. There is no need to dry clothes in the campaign. Such clothes not only dry the body, but also dry themselves quickly enough.

Important! To ensure that thermal underwear does not irritate the skin during use, it is necessary that it has a minimum number of seams and all of them should be flat and soft. Labels and tags must be on the outside. The ideal option is seamless underwear (labeled Seamless).

Top manufacturers

The modern thermal underwear market offers an impressive number of brands specializing in the production of such products.

The main leading manufacturers of thermal underwear include:

  • Brubeck (Poland) - products of this brand are available in several series for various conditions.
  • X-Bionic (Switzerland) - produces products with design features that take into account the anatomical structure of man.
  • NORVEG (Germany) - thermal underwear is made from wool of merino sheep and dyed exclusively with natural substances.
  • Janus (Norway) - the production uses merino wool that has undergone special processing, as well as safe dyes.
  • Guahoo (Finland) - thermal underwear of this manufacturer is distinguished by a special interweaving of fibers and a wide model range.

With skillfully selected thermal underwear, any physical activity, both in hot weather and in cold weather, will only be a joy and will not bring any discomfort and unpleasant consequences.