How to choose a tablecloth

The choice of tablecloths is a responsible matter. Indeed, the convenience of serving in everyday life, long service and harmonious appearance will depend on successfully selected material of the product.

For festive events, it is usually recommended to choose a tablecloth made of fabric, using lace and sewing, and for everyday use it is worth buying a PVC tablecloth, waterproof and easy to clean. But, of course, every housewife knows what is closer to her in appearance and chooses a product to her taste.

How to choose the right shape and size of the tablecloth

The shape of the tablecloth should match the shape of the table. Therefore, buying furniture, you must first think about how easy it will be to pick up drapery for it. If you have chosen a round table, then under it you need a round or square tablecloth. For an oval, a coating of the same shape is suitable. For a square surface, a piece of fabric of the same shape is needed.

Rectangular matter is needed on the table in the shape of a rectangle. The product is not always easy to choose in size, especially if the table is not a standard shape. But still, it must be borne in mind that the fabric looks beautiful when it hangs around the edges. Therefore, in size, it is better to take more than less fabric. Before buying this decor item you need to measure the table.

In a rectangular table, measure the length and width. In the round, only the diameter is measured. A square table measures only one side. Overhang of the edges of the fabric within 40 centimeters is allowed. If the surface has non-standard sizes, and does not fall under the usual sizes, then you need to buy a larger coating.

What to choose fabric for a tablecloth on a table

Fabric selection:

First of all, it is necessary to determine what kind of tissue is needed. Mostly in the stores are mixed materials that hold their shape well, do not crease, and at the same time have good strength. There are materials that tend to repel dirt. Teflon, as well as acrylic, have such properties . Moreover, such a surface tolerates hot dishes well, does not melt and is even resistant to cigarette ash. But such tablecloths are not very durable and they have to be changed periodically.

Many housewives prefer products made from natural raw materials - cotton, linen. Such fabrics look beautiful in the setting of the dining room, kitchen. Cotton is less durable and linen products are more durable. May shrink if not washed properly. Such products are more suitable for festive occasions. Cotton is easy to dry and iron. Linen products blend beautifully with embroidery, trim their lace braid. Wash linen tablecloths is not easy, iron, too, but they can serve for decades, so you should choose these products if you need a special quality.

Cheaper in price and at the same time quite practical products from polyester. They have good durability, are practical for washing and drying, tolerate moisture well and are suitable for daily use.

Special materials for covering the table are rifle and silk. Lacy fabrics can be used on top of plain material, creating a multilayer coating. Silk is an exquisite material, it allows you to give the atmosphere a special chic and is suitable only for special occasions.

Tablecloths made by hands, knitted or embroidered, can give a special charm and style to the decor. Suitable for kitchens and dining rooms in the Baroque style, classic. Handicrafts are valued at all times and are family heirlooms.

Color selection.

You can buy a tablecloth of almost any color, but you should consider small tips:

  • for furniture made of light wood, yellow, green, sand and beige colors are perfect;
  • large flowers and a bright pattern suitable for home celebrations;
  • tablecloths are suitable for tea or coffee;
  • shiny fabrics are suitable for modern interiors and commit to a special atmosphere.

The main rule of color selection is that it should be in harmony with the colors of the interior in the house.

Useful tips and ideas.

In the decor, several tablecloths are sometimes used, choosing one with a picture, and the second, monophonic, is placed under it. At the same time, on a rectangular surface, you can arrange such fabrics at different angles, making an unusual decor.

Cloth napkins can be chosen to the main cover, which will create an even more elegant look of serving. Mistresses also buy a tablecloth that covers the bottom. Use this kind of decor to protect the main canvas (bottom) and give a special originality, thanks to the contrasting color. Use for the first time (second fabric) in modern interiors.

Such a serving looks beautiful at banquets. The choice of fabric depends on the overall interior. A combination of lightweight and dense materials looks beautiful.