How to choose a swimsuit for a woman over 50?

Many women find choosing a swimsuit after 50 years a daunting task. Once a beautiful body has already lost its former forms. I don’t want to look “young”, but it’s too early to turn into an old woman. It is important to find a middle ground, because with the right choice of clothing should emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure.

Choose a swimsuit color for slimness in 50+

Particular attention should be paid to colors. Despite the presence of a large number of stereotypes, the color scheme is quite extensive. There are colors that can add a figure of harmony and visually transform it.

It is worth looking at the following shades:

  • Violet. Deep saturated color is able to visually remove problem areas.
  • Red. Successfully look noble Marsala and Bordeaux.

  • Baby blue, pink and nude . They look noble and elegant, especially on tanned skin.
  • Coral, emerald and purple. These are win-win summer options.
  • Metallic It is permissible to use only inserts and decor of such a color, so as not to focus on the flaws of the figure.

An effective way to correct the figure is to pick up the top and bottom of a swimsuit in different colors. For example, light swimming trunks harmoniously look on narrow hips, and a dark bra will decorate a heavy bust. You can look at prints: a strip, a cage or small peas. Animal and plant drawing is relevant.

Attention! Women after 50 should abandon acid and overly catchy shades.


When choosing a swimsuit after 50 years, you should pay attention to models with good support and fixation of the chest.

Closed swimwear

They will be at the peak of popularity in 2019 . You should pay attention to them, since after 50 it is undesirable to open large areas of the body to the sun. Such swimwear is suitable for different types of figures, but especially it is worth looking at full ladies . Consider the current model:

  • Swimsuit tunic . The presence of folds at the waist, turning into shorts, and a free cut will help to hide the flaws of the figure. The neckline is emphasized by the integrated bodice. This option will help women feel confident and comfortable.

  • Swimsuit Dress . In appearance, it looks more like a sundress . The built-in bodice will effectively emphasize the chest, and the dress will hide the imperfections of the figure.

  • Asymmetric. The style with one bare shoulder looks stylish and impressive.
  • With drapery . Such a model has excellent corrective properties and allows you to visually bring the body proportions closer to ideal. Drapery can be located in different places and sometimes, in the presence of lacing, allows you to transform the style.

  • In the style of the 50s. This model is worth a look at ladies with a pear-shaped type of figure . Such a swimsuit is slim and creates a graceful silhouette. Its feature is a wide shoulder strap and closed neckline. However, only shy women can afford such a model.

Particular attention should be paid to the neckline. After all, voluminous hips can be hidden behind a beach towel, which can not be done with the neckline.

Neckline should be chosen carefully. For example, a V-neckline adds sexuality, but also accentuates the creases on the neck .

A square neckline will create the illusion of narrow shoulders and is ideal for ladies with an inverted triangle shape . The “boat” will visually straighten its shoulders and adjust the shape of the guitar .

Reference! A neat neckline emphasizes the face and gracefully emphasizes the beauty of the collarbone.


With a competent approach, you can choose an open swimsuit. There are a number of nuances that need to be taken seriously:

  • Special inserts may be needed to give the breast a beautiful shape . After all, with age, it sags and loses elasticity. Therefore, you should pay attention to the design of the bodice with enhanced support.
  • A V- neckline will emphasize the neckline and extend your neck. However, you should not open your chest strongly.
  • Wide shoulder straps ensure perfect fit.

  • With a small chest, a push-up will come to the rescue.
  • The presence of a tummy and folds on the sides will help to hide swimming trunks with a high waistline. In the summer of 2019, such models will be especially popular.

  • An ideal bathing suit for magnificent women - a undershirt and shorts . Contrast elements will help mark the waistline and emphasize the bust.

  • The classic model can afford slim ladies. After all, there are those who managed to save the figure to such an age. Visually increase the bust will help the bodice with a large pattern . A minor imperfections will correct the dense and textured fabric. The fabric usually includes nylon and spandex, which have modeling properties.

  • The presence of a fluffy skirt will help to hide the voluminous hips.

Stylish tankini swimwear for the full.


An interesting option would be a model in a sports style, consisting of a top and a slimming swimming trunks . In this case, the top should partially or completely cover the stomach. Their main feature is the dragging properties that hide the excess volume. The swimsuit is practical, comfortable and is considered one of the trending models.

Important! Sports swimwear are relevant, both closed and open with contrasting inserts and stripes .

Many women say that after 50 life is just beginning, and you definitely should not deprive yourself of pleasures. These recommendations will allow you to choose a spectacular swimsuit and demonstrate the virtues of the figure. Most well-known brands produce separate model lines for mature women.