How to choose summer and autumn shoes if legs swell?

In the summer and early autumn, I want to flutter, but edema can make its own plans for the plans. In order not to get tired and start striving home in 1-2 hours, pay due attention to the choice of shoes. It will help reduce discomfort from edema, avoid pain and complete all the tasks scheduled for the day.

What shoes are recommended for such legs?

Severe swelling along with too high a rise in the foot, ingrown nails, protruding joint of the thumb, flat foot, excessively wide calf and lower leg is a condition that requires wearing special shoes. It should be made in accordance with orthopedic recommendations . Examples of such recommendations:

  1. Insoles. They are obliged to maintain the arch well and have uneven thickness, which corresponds to the anatomical features of the foot.
  2. Heel. With edema during pregnancy, it is better to refrain from shoes with heels, but for everyone else a small, literally 2-5 cm, heel is recommended. If your legs get tired even of him, but you want to add growth and visually stretch your figure, then at your service are models with a neat platform (a high one can also cause discomfort).
  3. Color. Dark materials absorb more heat rays than light. Wear light shoes to feel lightweight and avoid overheating.
  4. The size. When buying shoes should sit on your foot.

But you need to avoid summer sandals and shoes with weaving and ropes (they will crash), off-season shoes (the foot should not be hot, otherwise the problem with edema will only worsen), models with a platform and high heels (it is difficult to wear even when absolutely healthy legs, so try to give preference to traditional heels and platforms).

Shoes that will not cause inconvenience

The length of the bootlegs is a sore point for those who have swollen legs. There is a risk not to fasten the lock due to the swelling that developed in the evening. At the same time, shortened boots, barely reaching the caviar, are also not a way out of the situation.

On the one hand, the lower part of the leg is also able to significantly increase in size, and therefore there is no guarantee that after a working day it will be possible to fasten the zipper . On the other hand, shoes rising to the top of the calf can easily emphasize the difference between the ankle and the upper, as well as visually increase the open part of the leg. The gap between the knee and the calf changes especially visually.

The way out may be the acquisition

  • boot (there are models that look very neat and appropriate even in combination with a skirt);
  • moderately high - to the knee - boots with a sufficiently wide bootleg;
  • sports shoes (sneakers with uneven thickness of the sole are more suitable than absolutely flat sneakers).

Important! Pay attention to loafers, loafers, boat shoes, slip-ons, chelsea, oxfords. Among the proposed options there is sure to be a solution that is right for you.

Also, before buying, it is useful to check the elasticity of the material from which the shoes are sewn . Genuine leather stretches, suede and nubuck are deformed less. Artificial skin substitutes are more likely to burst and crack or disperse in the area of ​​seams or zippers than to stretch. There are exceptions to this rule, but is it worth the risk?

Important! Get well-sewn shoes. Only she is able to withstand the load of swollen and tired legs.

When choosing a pair for the fall, be sure to pay attention to the sock . This is necessary, as the fingers are also prone to swelling. If you do not want to bring yourself uncomfortable discomfort and do not rush to get acquainted with the problem of growing nails, then buy boots, boots and shoes with round, square or completely round toes.

Features of choice

Ideally, you need to go to the store in the evening, when puffiness has reached its maximum . However, by this time, the legs can hurt so badly that not only shopping, but even the slightest activity will seem like torture. Therefore , shopping is worth leaving in the afternoon . If the problem is not so pronounced and the state of health allows, feel free to follow the common recommendations and visit shoe stores after work.

Another important point is aesthetic. The desire to hide our problem from those around us leads to the fact that we literally hide the swollen foot, “blocking” it in closed shoes. In summer, this should never be done. Due to a violation of heat transfer, edema will only increase . The attempt to “be like everyone else” will end in acute pain, you will be able to get through on such a day even less than usual.

The issue of beauty also pushes us to abandon shoes that are reasonable in our situation. Yes, the boats look much more refined and feminine than slippers with Velcro or an elastic band in the front. And even if you try and find the most attractive shoes of this kind, it still can never be a full replacement for boats.

But in slippers, where the sole has a different thickness in different areas, you can walk the whole day off and go wherever you want, with rare exceptions (for example, in such shoes it’s not customary to go to a restaurant), but in high heel shoes the swollen leg compressed from all sides will begin to pulsate in 0.5-1.5 hours. And your promenade will end with an urgent flight home in order to throw your legs up and process the corns that have appeared .

Important! Elastic bands in the front of the slippers and on the sides of the shoes or boots - this will make your life easier for puffiness. Also pay attention to Velcro and lacing. They will increase the internal space of the shoe with a sharp and significant swelling of the legs.

The other extreme is year-round wearing sneakers and a sneaker. In fact, constantly walking in sports shoes is not so good for health . Alternate sneakers with shoes and sandals on a small heel (platform), and then you will avoid the development of additional problems with the foot. And when buying shoes, be sure to try on both shoes.