How to choose socks for trousers and shoes

In the wardrobe of every man, socks are an integral part of underwear. Not every male representative knows how to choose a pair according to the color scheme so that they fit under shoes and pants, for a particular event. In this article you will learn how to choose the right socks for trousers and shoes of a certain tone and look perfect.

Why is it important to choose the color of the socks

When choosing a pair for trousers, it is necessary to take into account the fact that their tones should not look in contrast, that is, their colors should differ by only one tone or be the same shade. Indeed, when a man sits, the pants are lifted up and this accessory becomes visible, so you should pay attention not only to the length of the socks, but also trousers.


The color of the socks should differ from the color of the trousers by 1-2 tones!

The correct length of the trousers when walking will not allow you to see the socks, so the front leg should be laid out in one fold on the shoes, and the back of the shoe should be covered at the back, without reaching the heel . But now cropped trousers are also in fashion, the length of which reaches the middle of the ankle, therefore, the accessory will be on public display. Therefore, length is also of great importance, because a naked body from under the trousers will not look aesthetically pleasing.

There are three types of socks in length:

  • high;
  • medium;
  • short ones.


Under a trouser suit, put on high socks.

Socks are matched to the color of trousers or shoes.

According to generally accepted etiquette, a pair is chosen according to the color of the trousers, but some believe that they need to be selected to match the tone of the shoe. If in your image you decide to choose this accessory for the color of shoes, then use the following tips:

  • The tone should be chosen lighter than the color of the shoe.
  • The tone should match or be darker with the tone of the trousers, so as not to focus on the transition from trousers to shoes, and this choice of tones will visually lengthen the growth.
  • Black socks fit any color of dark trousers. If you are going to wear black trousers, then make your choice in favor of socks of dark tones: dark purple or gray.

Having picked up the socks a few tones darker or the tone of the shoe, your height will visually become smaller and this experiment may lead to focus on this part.


Socks matched to the trousers visually lengthen the legs.

Under the pants you need to wear a thin, smooth pair, without any texture.

Custom solutions

When creating an image, you can also make non-standard decisions when choosing the tone of this accessory. For example, you can choose the tone of a pair for the color of a shirt, tie, strap, handkerchief in the pocket of a shirt or jacket. Basically, they make this choice when they go to a meeting in an informal setting.

For example, red socks can be combined with a red tie, yellow with a yellow shirt. But the main thing is not to overdo it with an emphasis on bright colors in the image. The selected accessory for the color of socks from the whole image should be one.


Choose a tone of colored socks muffled, not defiantly bright!

Also, males may prefer socks with drawings, but with this choice you need to be extremely careful . Do not forget that socks with patterns should also be in harmony in color with trousers, and the pattern may coincide with the pattern on the scarf in the chest pocket or with the pattern of the tie. In this case, the image will become refined and lively.

Universal solutions

Now let's talk about some universal colors, which are running, and which are easy to pick up a pair. However, not everyone copes with this task.

Black socks

Black socks are relevant when choosing leather shoes, including matte and patent leather. Also, this color is in perfect harmony with gray boots.

The black tone is universal, convenient and practical, so it harmonizes only with trousers and shoes in dark colors . A black pair, respectively, will not fit in a light suit and light shoes. Very often, men choose black socks, because they harmonize well with dark blue and black jeans.

White socks

White socks in combination with black shoes for business meetings are now relevant in the fashion trend, although this was previously unacceptable. They are perfect for shoes and a white tuxedo. Basically, they are chosen by artists or businessmen.

Basically, a white pair is designed to be worn under sports shoes: sneakers, moccasins, sneakers. They are usually shortened and thick. For a gym visit, a couple of this color would be the best choice.

We choose the right pair for the pants

It is very important to choose the right tone of socks and shoes to the tone of the trousers, so that it looks harmonious.

  • Shoes of dark shades (black, light brown, red) and a dark gray pair of socks are suitable for a light gray suit.
  • Shoes of black, dark brown or light brown colors and a gray pair of socks are suitable for light blue pants.
  • For dark blue pants, choose shoes of black, brown color, light and dark shades, as well as dark blue or maroon socks.
  • For brown pants fit brown shoes a tone darker, and a dark brown, burgundy or coffee pair.
  • When choosing red trousers, choose brown, terracotta and dark brown socks.
  • Beige shoes with a white pair will suit white pants.
  • Khaki pants are best suited for black or brown shoes and a pair of brown socks.
  • Shoes of dark brown tone and light brown socks are suitable for beige pants.
  • Pair brown shoes with a brown pair for a pair of green pants.
  • Black trousers are suitable for black pants, and the pair should be black, gray or purple, but dark in color.


Sock care is an important part of the look. They should always be clean, without holes, ironed.

Do not forget that such a trifle as socks can ruin the whole image, or, conversely, emphasize its merits.