How to choose sneakers for everyday wear?

Sneakers are universal shoes that every modern woman should have in her wardrobe. Such shoes can be useful for walking, traveling and even going to the museum.

In accordance with individual preferences, you can completely choose for yourself a model suitable for daily use.

What sneakers to choose for every day?

In order to choose the right model suitable for frequent use and prolonged wearing, it is recommended that the following criteria be guided in the selection process:

  • the fold line of the shoe - if in the process of trying on and bending the sneakers it is in the middle, it is better not to buy such shoes, because constant tension will be felt in it, and this, in turn, provokes problems with the spine and joints;
  • arch support - an indispensable element that prevents injuries of the ankle and rapid fatigue of the foot (the best option is a gel layer or gel pads);
  • size matching - sneakers should not be small or large.

Properly selected sneakers for everyday use will fix the ankle well and will not rub your legs when walking.

Daily Wear Sneaker Requirements

Such shoes as sneakers should not only have a presentable appearance, but also provide maximum comfort when using.

It depends on the following parameters:

  • the presence of orthopedic elements that can provide the foot with softness while moving on different surfaces;
  • high edges holding the ankle joint in an optimal position;
  • stiff heel that can provide good stability.

What are the differences from running models?

The main differences between running shoes and products designed for everyday wear include the following:

  • special depreciation;
  • resistance of the sole to abrasion;
  • special lacing (for example, asymmetric);
  • weight does not exceed 400 grams.

The benefits of casual shoes

Models of sneakers for daily wear of proper quality sit perfectly on the foot, providing maximum convenience and comfort. They can be used with success both for easy walking and for recreational walking. Often, such sneakers repeat the anatomical features of the foot, thereby helping to correct existing problems.

The presence of orthopedic elements in such shoes allows the spine to avoid excessive overload and save maximum energy for a long period.

Quality products can withstand a significant load. Such models are not subjected to stretching and deformation, successfully retaining their original shape for several years.

Types of sneakers

For long walks on a hard flat surface (for example, on asphalt), it is recommended to choose the most lightweight models. And to provide maximum comfort during active walking over short distances, soft and flexible shoes can.

“Warm” models are suitable for warm weather, but keep in mind that such sneakers get wet easily. For cold weather, models are made of dense materials that hold heat well.


In this case, it is advisable to give preference to shoes made from natural materials that allow air to pass through. An excellent choice would be models from textiles, suede or genuine leather.

But you can pay attention to the models made of high quality synthetic materials, which are practically not inferior to natural ones in their characteristics.

Sole selection

The best option for shoes for every day is considered to be a flat flat sole or lightweight, but at the same time rather dense, low corrugated platform that protects against slipping. It is best if it is made of polyurethane foam.

The main criteria for quality shoes and brands

Branded sneakers are sold with stickers containing the necessary information about the model (for example, about the material from which this shoe was made). More branded products always have removable insoles to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor and subsequently provide quality care for such products.

These companies over the years confidently occupy leading positions in the market:

Nike - the most popular sneakers in recent times. The main advantages of this brand's shoes include: resilient construction, a unique sole on an air cushion and the use of environmentally friendly raw materials for the manufacture of shoes. The Nike Air Max is great for hiking and outdoor activities.

Adidas - continue to delight customers with comfortable and ergonomic high-quality products. One of the most suitable for everyday use models is considered Adidas Stan Smith. More recently, this model was released with a top in special Primeknit material without seams. The surface made of this breathable fabric perfectly follows the curve of the foot.

New Balance - this company pays much attention to the texture of manufactured shoes. For the manufacture of soles, rubber foam is used, which provides the shoe with good cushioning. There are many bright and stylish models designed for everyday wear (for example, New Balance Athletic Shoe).

Important! It should be borne in mind that sneakers of good quality can not have a low cost. This is especially true for branded products. Undervalued should alert the potential buyer.

General tips for choosing sneakers for everyday wear

Choosing shoes of this kind, before purchasing it must be measured. This is best done in the afternoon, because due to the load in the evening the leg slightly increases in volume. It is necessary to measure shoes on both legs. It is recommended to walk a little and jump to make sure that the selected model is comfortable enough.

It is also advisable to pay attention to the appearance of the selected model. Inaccurate streaks of glue and threads knocked out of the seams indicate unsatisfactory quality of the product.

Advice! To avoid fakes, it is recommended to purchase such shoes only in specialized company stores.

Sports shoes have long gone beyond their original purpose. But to choose sneakers suitable for everyday wear, you need to be very careful in order to ultimately get the most comfortable, durable and stylish model.