How to choose sneakers that don't get wet

Say, "nature has no bad weather"? Well, yes, if you manage to return home dry in the rain! You won’t sing with wet feet! Waterproof shoes can save, but you need to choose it correctly. We’ll tell you how to choose sneakers in which autumn slush will not be dangerous. After all, the time has passed when the sneakers were a sporting attribute. Now they are confidently leading as an indispensable element of everyday use in both women's and men's wardrobe.

What should be sneakers for rainy weather

Many well-known brands (Adidas, Salomon, Reebok, Nike) offer models designed specifically for the fall. They have special protection against water . The upper layer of the sneakers is made of membrane fabrics with waterproofing properties.

Rainy running shoes must meet several requirements.

  • Waterproof surface . The most commonly used waterproof shoe manufacturing technologies are Gore-Tex and Clima Shield waterproofing. The first technology was developed by Gore, and the second by Salomon. Membrane material is flexible and highly protected against adverse atmospheric conditions . The material consists of a million pores that allow the foot to breathe but do not allow water to enter the sneakers.

Important! None of the waterproof sneakers give 100% protection against water. They are able to keep their feet dry, but they cannot withstand immersion in water.

  • High sole with rubber overhangs . This is especially true when a person is fond of running, walking or loves long walks in the cold, rainy season.

Reference. The tread will provide strong grip, and the extra height of the sole, raising above the ground, will protect the material of the shoe from excess dirt and moisture, and the foot from the cold.

  • Quality finishes and material . Sneakers for the fall must have an elastic design, airtight seams and a place for lacing, as well as a label with information about the product and its properties.
  • Strength and durability . It will last for a long time, shoes that are sewn from wear-resistant materials made using advanced technologies will not break or get wet. As well as time-tested genuine leather and leatherette.
  • Inner comfort . A large role is played by the presence of a removable, non-slip insole with orthopedic inserts that fix the leg . Adds comfort, protects the feet and heels from rubbing the presence of a rigid, crush-resistant back and roller on the outer edge of the heel.

Brands whose sneakers won't get wet

The technology for the production of shoes is constantly being improved, so that every season more and more light, comfortable and stylish sneakers appear.


The company launched a large assortment of both classic daily wear sneakers and training shoes for running through puddles and wet snow . Comfortable, waterproof and durable.


It uses the special Shield moisture protection technology, which also retains heat perfectly.

Such cross-countries are indispensable for long walks in the cold off-season.


The company produces models for sports and for every day. Simplicity and durability are the hallmarks of this brand . They always have a model that suits the weather and for every taste.


Lightweight and extremely comfortable products, adapt to different shapes of the foot . The sole is made of EBA foam, the midsole of Flytefoam, these materials provide dryness inside the shoe.


Universal running shoes for hiking and hiking in the snow and mud . The Run Shield membrane protects the upper surface of the shoe from getting wet in the autumn and winter.


Bright representative - Speedcross 4 . This model is distinguished by a stitched upper part, a waterproof coating, a reliable design, high shock-absorbing qualities and special fixation of the foot .

Important! The price of waterproof shoes cannot be low. Buying a Chinese counterpart out of a desire to save money, we risk getting a low-quality model.

Such shoes will not last long, and most importantly, will not be able to protect your feet from getting wet and freezing.

Modern waterproof materials allow you to create interesting images not only in summer but also in autumn. In such shoes it would not occur to you to grumble at bad weather and dampness.