How to choose shoes for a pencil skirt

The skirt is the most feminine part of the women's wardrobe. There are a wide variety of models. Some make the image of a girl romantic, some give rigor or elegance. Each fashionista’s wardrobe should have a pencil skirt. She looks good on any type of figure and is suitable for all ages. In order for the created image to be complete and harmonious, you need to choose the right shoes.

How to choose shoes for a pencil skirt, depending on the season

In the summer, when the weather is hot outside, sandals are the most popular type of shoes. And here the question arises - is it possible to wear a pencil skirt with sandals, which model to choose for open shoes? It all depends on the texture of the product. If it is worn in the office, then you should choose a more classic version of sandals.

For a date you can wear gladiator sandals. The longer the style, the more sexy the shoes should be. Do not be afraid that the image with a skirt and such sandals will turn out to be vulgar.

For products made of cotton or linen, open shoes with flat soles are suitable. The denim option goes well with flip flops. However, the selected shoes should be distinguished by an exquisite design.

Brave girls may prefer ballet shoes. Despite the fact that until recently such a combination was considered unsuccessful, today it has become very popular.

Important! Ballet shoes visually shorten the legs, so the skirt should not be long. Ideal - palm length above the knee.

In the cold season, the choice of shoes will depend on the length of the skirt:

  • middle length. The best option - stylish high-heeled ankle boots;
  • above the knee. The best option in this case is over the knee boots. The skirt will be combined even with boots above the knee.

In winter, you should be extremely careful when choosing the color of clothes. If the tights are in a contrasting shade, then they will visually shorten the legs. Therefore, it is advisable to choose tights that will be the same color scheme with shoes.

Choosing the right shoes for a pencil skirt, depending on the style

Designers produce pencil skirts of various styles and styles. Moreover, they can be made of any material, from delicate lace to sensual skin. This allows you to easily choose a model for any situation.

Office Dress Code

Black pencil skirt is the most popular option for office wear. She looks strict and at the same time elegant and feminine. This style emphasizes all the advantages of the figure, even in the presence of a couple of extra pounds.

The skirt can be made of various types of fabric, which allows you to wear it at any time of the year.

The office dress code is quite strict, so the choice of shoes will be limited. A pair of classic black slim pumps is a perfect choice. For a warm season, you can put on a pleated model in the office. Flesh-colored pumps or elegant sandals go well with this style. In this case, the straps of sandals should be thin.

You can complement a strict office style with a turtleneck, blouse or shirt. In the hot season, they can be replaced with a silk or lace top. But in order not to violate the office dress code, such an outfit should be supplemented with a jacket.

For romantic meetings

To create a romantic look, you can choose a pencil skirt with a slit located in front. To make the outfit more feminine, you should give preference to light shades: beige, white, cream. The style can be any. The lace model will look very relevant. You can complement it with boats or high-heeled sandals of the same shade.

Walking options

Everyday look is more informal. Therefore, you can choose more comfortable shoes, because it should be suitable for long walks. For a casual outfit, a denim model is well suited. It goes well with different options for shoes and top. You can choose any shoes: sneakers, sneakers, boots, ballet shoes. Most importantly, they would provide the necessary comfort.

Fashionable combinations

A leather skirt, a cream blouse and flesh-colored pumps will be a win-win for creating a stylish office look. You can complement it with a light coat and glasses in an elegant frame. The classic version that will never go out of fashion is a white top and a black bottom. High-heeled shoes, elegant jewelry and a small clutch of bright color will help to make it harmonious and finished.

For brave girls, a red skirt is suitable. You can combine it with a white or black blouse and top. Shoes and sandals with a leopard print are suitable for along with.

A pencil skirt in combination with flat shoes looks very relevant: loafers, moccasins, sneakers or sneakers. The resulting image will be very fresh, unusual. When choosing the most suitable model, it is worth paying attention to the material and decorative elements. The fabric should be the simplest, and the decorative ornament will make the image more stylish.

A pencil skirt should be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista. It is universal, stylish, looks great on any type of figure. The product makes the silhouette seductive and flawless. At the same time, you can wear it with any shoe, which allows you to make the image fashionable and at the same time comfortable.