How to choose shoes by foot type?

More often we choose shoes according to the presence (absence) of the heel, then according to the style and color. Fashionable models do not always suit everyone, so the choice is wrong !? For a comfortable walk, you should choose shoes according to the type of feet. Examine your foot and fingers to classify yourself. With the right choice of shoes, you can successfully mask the flaws.

Egyptian type of foot

If your thumb is much longer than the rest, then you have an “Egyptian” foot. If you put your feet next to such fingers, then they will look like a “house” with a roof in the shape of a triangle.

You should choose wide-toed shoes for your toes.

Greek type of foot

With this type of foot, the big toe is slightly shorter than the second. Psychologists say this is a sign of leadership ability.

A sufficiently loose pad is recommended. You can choose shoes with a narrow toe if they will not cause discomfort.


This type of foot is mainly found in people living in Latin America, and is called Latin. Fingers form an almost straight line.

Shoes are better to choose with an elongated block, the toe should be almost square.

Shoe tips

Full caviar

With full calves, summer shoes with ankle straps and thin heels should be avoided. It’s better not to buy closed models. Instead of ankle boots (boots) or low shoes, it is better to buy shoes with a shallow toe. An excellent choice is a high, but not wide heel.

Wide ankle

With a wide ankle, models with thin straps are not suitable. It is also better to abandon a flat sole. You should choose shoes with wedges or heels.

Big bone on the leg

If a bone protrudes on the leg, you need to pick up the model in order to close it, it will visually stretch the foot.

Wide foot

With a wide foot, it is better to choose shoes with narrow noses that visually narrow the leg.

Thin shin

Thin girls have a thin shin, then shoes with wedges or on the platform do not suit you. Choose elegant slippers or sandals with thin heels, it is possible on a flat sole.

Models with ankle straps are suitable for visual "thickening" of the lower leg. Boots or boots are better on lacing, and high heels will make your legs even thinner.

Full ankles

They can be balanced by shoes on a small platform. When buying boots, give preference to models with a straight boot.

Big foot size

In this case, avoid any shoes with a narrow toe. It is better to pick up a semicircular cape, dark retro boots. Bright shades will not only draw attention to the legs, but also visually make them larger.

With small stature

Short girls (women) always choose high heels, but this can not always increase growth. It is recommended to choose tights and shoes only in a beige shade and wedge-shaped heels. Ankle straps will reduce leg length.

If the size is small, then the narrow nose of the shoes (boot) and high lacing will somewhat extend the legs.

Also pay attention to the length of the skirt or dress, so as not to visually reduce the growth.

High growth

In this case, it is possible to wear any shoes, but a small heel and a narrow toe will visually reduce the foot.

Given the recommendations of specialists, you can choose the most suitable shoes. She will not only hide some of the shortcomings, but also decorate the female legs.