How to choose sandals suitable for any look?

Stylish and comfortable sandals in the summer are simply irreplaceable. Of course, many girls like to have a lot of shoes in their wardrobe. However, you can pick up a single pair that will fit any look.

The principles of choosing sandals

When buying basic sandals, follow the basic principles of choice :

  1. Maximum quality. Therefore, it is better to give preference to a trusted manufacturer.
  2. Convenience . Shoes should fit perfectly on the foot.
  3. Neutral color . It should be remembered that shoes in this case are not a fashionable accent.
  4. Practicality . The model should be universal and suitable for different situations.
  5. Style . Sandals should not stand out with catchy decorations.

Attention! Buying basic sandals is definitely not worth saving.

What sandals will suit any clothes?

When choosing a product, you should pay attention to different characteristics. Sandals should be both simple and effective.

Universal colors

Of course, universal summer colors are white and beige . Such shoes will perfectly complement both the airy chiffon dress and the strict “case”. However, it is worth analyzing the main palette of colors in the wardrobe and choosing the most suitable.

Also the basic colors are black, gray, all shades of brown, dark blue and cherry .

Important! Sandals of color nude (flesh) - a choice of celebrities and royals.

Choose a style

When choosing a style, you must consider the style of clothing and lifestyle. It is important with what clothes the girl will wear shoes. So, sports style requires a low heel or platform .

For the office, more closed models with stilettos or other heels will be appropriate .

Steady heel

Pay attention to the leather models with a small steady heel. They can be successfully combined with a business suit, evening dress and mini skirt . This model is universal and fits most women.

Wedge heel

This option is for those who want to be taller. A popular model of thin beige straps . It can be worn with a dress-shirt, dress, and even a swimsuit.


In such models with a reasonable height heel, you can walk all day without experiencing discomfort . Sandals will suit both an evening dress, and jeans and a business suit. In addition, they visually increase growth.

Proper fitting

Trying on shoes, you do not need to think that it eventually spreads and takes the right shape. Always try on sandals on both legs to make sure they are fully sized .

On average, it takes about 10 minutes to try on.

Reference! It is better to buy shoes in the afternoon, since at this time the legs tend to swell.


Everyone knows that the mood of girls is directly related to their appearance. Therefore, you should choose a pair that will sit beautifully on your leg. Owners of a wide foot are better to buy products with closed sides. This will visually make the legs slimmer.

If there are visible defects on the nails and fingers, it is better to choose a pair with a closed toe. It is always better to hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

High heel

Stiletto sandals remain the leader in sales . After all, they allow you to make the leg more elegant and thinner.

They are especially suitable for girls with massive ankles. The main thing is to feel comfortable in such shoes, but you cannot go through them all day.

Material and stitches

The material should be soft and natural, not cause discomfort. Seams and straps should not put pressure on the skin and interfere with walking. Inspect the shoes for sticking threads and traces of glue.

Actual styles

The styles of sandals in 2019 are extremely diverse. In the trend, different heel options, the platform does not go out of fashion. The tractor sole is gradually giving way to a more restrained style . In general, designers are trying to pay attention to convenience and practicality.

Popular models

The lineup is so diverse that making a choice can be really difficult. Sandals with two straps on a comfortable heel are considered ideal. Also at the peak of popularity of the product with many straps.


A rich decor in this case should be abandoned. However, patches, patterns, and beads are acceptable. The main thing is laconic design.

Sandals are a common summer shoe, and choosing them is not so difficult. We hope that the article will be useful and will help in buying a universal pair for every day.