How to choose a roomy but compact bag

There are never too many bags! But sometimes practicality must take up. How to find such a basic thing so that a cosmetic bag, an umbrella, a wallet, a phone, charging, headphones, documents, a hairpin and other women's little things fit in it , and so that it does not look like a suitcase? The question is complex, but solvable.

Ideal sizes - what are they?

Handbag should be comfortable, roomy and fit with most sets of clothes! A dream has clear parameters, so we understand the question posed.


First of all, we will conduct an audit and determine what things we really need for each day. Someone just needs a cosmetic bag, wallet, phone and comb, while someone carries a folder with documents, notebooks for notes and spare tights. Given different needs, stylists agree on one thing: you need to choose medium sizes.

How to determine the desired average dimensions? Divide your height by 4 and get the optimal size of the handbag. Anything larger looks aggressive and attracts a lot of attention.

Remember that the choice is very individual! Even if we calculated one fourth of the growth, we take into account the complexion. Lush women are advised to carry large bags, and smaller ones are smaller.

The form

A configuration can follow the contours of objects hidden in the bowels, or it can keep its shape. It’s better to choose something medium, not too hard and not too soft. What you should pay attention to is the pens! It is very convenient when there are two of them, different in length, then you can carry the bag on your hand or shoulder.

The advantage is on the side of a structured handbag, it has a solid bottom that allows you to evenly distribute all the necessary things inside.

Structured models vary in size, here are some things to recommend:

  1. Big size . The rectangular shape is truly universal. It will allow you to put a folder with A4 documents, a laptop or tablet. The cosmetic bag, keys and other important items of first and second necessity will fit perfectly there. This bag is suitable for shopping and for creating the image of a business lady.
  2. Small size. A smaller structured bag is suitable for going out. It is combined with various images: from business to everyday. Of course, you should avoid pretentiousness in the decoration. Bright prints, original pendants and accessories greatly limit the combination with clothes.


The color of the bag does not affect capacity, but it helps to make the thing universal . In my opinion, the best basic shades:

  • brown
  • beige
  • dusted pink
  • deep burgundy,
  • nude
  • muted blue and green.

I want to say about white and black colors separately: they are also included in the list of universal ones, but there are certain limitations. Black is especially difficult: in summer it is often useless, since it looks aggressive with light sundresses.

What to consider when choosing

So, we figured out how to choose compact bags. But in conclusion, I want to talk more about a few female tricks.

  1. Cheap things fail faster, do not save on quality.
  2. At parties, in clubs, restaurants and at festive events it is recommended to take a clutch bag.
  3. Jewelry in the form of funny pictures is suitable only for young girls.
  4. In summer, the emphasis should be on light colors.
  5. A business lady should have an expensive bag of real leather, emphasizing the status.

A high-quality, beautiful, roomy and compact bag will be a real gift of fate for an elegant woman who carefully watches her image.