How to choose a portfolio

A portfolio is an essential attribute of school life. It helps not only to carry books and things conveniently, but also affects the health of the child. Therefore, when choosing a backpack, you need to pay attention not only to the cost, but also to the quality of the product.

How to choose the right portfolio

To make the portfolio comfortable to wear, you need to choose the right style, size and material. It should be not only beautiful, but also high-quality. Different types of things are suitable for schoolchildren and older people. After all, adult male models differ in functionality and appearance.

How to choose a men's briefcase

When choosing a male model, you should pay attention to the style of the product. Today, there are two main types: classic and modern. Classic portfolio models have a dense case and a lid with a lock. Modern options do not have a very strict appearance and can have either one or several compartments.

A portfolio diplomat is perfect for the office option. It has a strict appearance and durable material. For personal use, you can choose both classic and modern models.

The product must be made of durable high-quality fabric. Otherwise, there is a risk that the product will quickly lose its attractive appearance. Give up dermatin and cheap nylon. It is best to choose eco-leather. It has a beautiful appearance and is much stronger than other options.

Male models are available in two main colors: brown and black. You can also find colorful, vibrant options in the market, but they are more suitable for young people or children.

Remember ! The classics always remain in fashion, so choosing a black bag will be a win-win option.

How to choose a school bag

When choosing a school portfolio, the following nuances should be considered:

  • For a student, a model with an orthopedic back is suitable. This will help relieve the back of tension and will not harm the child’s posture.
  • Webbing and handles. They should be wide and soft so as not to rub the shoulders of the student. It is best to choose products with a slightly curved shoulder strap so that it lies comfortably along the forearm line.

  • Pockets For students, the more pockets, the better. After all, there are always small and large items that need to be placed in a bag.
  • The form. Choose vertical options in which the bottom will be tight and durable.
  • The weight. A satchel should weigh an average of 500–700 g for a first grader.

What material is the best portfolio for?

For students, it is best to choose fabric models. The material must be dense and moisture resistant. For example, polyester with a mesh is good. It will also be a great option water-repellent fabric . These portfolios are easy to clean and do not lose their attractive appearance for a long time.

Types of portfolios

Today there are several main types of portfolios:

  • Satchel - a bag with shoulder straps for textbooks. Usually has an orthopedic back, which helps protect the child from scoliosis.
  • Briefcase - a product without straps, has one handle. Suitable for papers or small items. Rarely used for school.
  • Backpack - a product similar to a satchel, but having a soft case and hem. Great for youth. Can be worn on either one or two shoulders.

Tips for choosing the right portfolio

When choosing a portfolio, you should consider first of all why it is taken.

  • If you are choosing a satchel for a student, then you should pay attention to the size, weight, straps of the product. After all, the child will go to school daily with him.
  • Models for work or office are better to choose classic with one handle and lock. They usually have only 1-2 compartments and are locked with an external lock or clasp. Give preference to genuine leather or leatherette options.
  • If the bag is chosen for everyday life for a teenager or student. Then you can choose backpacks of different designs and sizes. They can be light and bright. It already depends on the taste preferences of the owner.

A briefcase is a convenient product for transporting books, things and other items. This thing is popular for schoolchildren and students. After all, it is convenient to walk with a backpack, it does not take up your hands and helps to hold your posture evenly. When choosing a model, you should pay attention to the quality, appearance and size of the product. The convenience and durability of a thing will depend on these criteria.