How to choose the perfect blouse

A blouse is an important element of a women's wardrobe. With just a few blouses, you can change images daily and look completely different. This is a great alternative to boring dresses that make it difficult to create a brand new look. Today, a large selection of blouse styles is presented in clothing stores. With their help, a woman can easily collect easy laid-back sets for every day or achieve an elegant and formal look for going to work. The main thing is to choose your own blouse. We will tell you how to do it.

We are looking for a suitable model

Depending on where you plan to wear these clothes, choose a style. Particular attention should also be paid to the fabric used for sewing, decorative elements and the general style of the product.

To the office

For the office, simple and concise models of dense cotton, knitwear or rayon are best suited. They should be strict, but elegant, not abundant decorative elements.

For relax

For an evening in the company of a loved one or a cocktail party, flowing outfits made of light satin or natural silk are perfect. They look great in the light of spotlights, and in the evening they acquire a kind of magical glow that creates the effect of mystery.

We select according to the figure

Important! The blouse must be selected not only according to the situation, but also according to the figure of the woman. A correctly made choice will allow you to successfully drape the errors of body tracking and emphasize the merits.

To do this, you need to look precisely at that style and cut that will suit a particular type of figure.

With wide hips

You should choose a blouse that can balance the upper and lower parts of the body . An excellent solution would be feminine models with sleeves-flashlights, with shoulder straps or shoulder pads, as well as decorated with ruffles or beads on the shoulders.

Broad shouldered

Owners of such a figure, on the contrary, should choose thin models that can hide the flaw. You can achieve the correct effect using the neckline. It should be a V-neck, deep round or “boat”. All of them will help to successfully drape an overly large upper body.

It is also recommended to pay attention to products with sleeves in ¾ or “bat”, choose flowing blouses from light fabrics, models with an asymmetric cut.

With narrow hips and shoulders

You need to create the right silhouette with the help of clothes. For these purposes, blouses with an oval, round or square neckline are suitable. Also, asymmetric or downward-expanded models will look great. But the V-neck is better left to others .

With belly

Missing waist or small tummy can be hidden by additional draperies on the problem part. A blouse in the form of a trapezoid, with a high waist or items decorated along the line of the belt will also suit .

Important! Choose a wardrobe should be based on the height of the woman. To short ladies, no higher than 160 cm, elongated models will not fit. The best option would be short or medium-long blouses.

How to choose the right size

As for the sizes, here you need to strictly follow your complexion. You should not buy a blouse, which is several sizes smaller, because it fits the chest beautifully. Enough for this to purchase the appropriate style. Hide the flaws behind baggy things, which are several sizes larger, is also not worth it.

You can use the table to determine your size.

Emphasize the strengths or hide flaws will help shirts of the appropriate cut. But they must always be chosen exactly in size, otherwise the thing will look as if from someone else's shoulder.

The nuances of choosing blouses for full

When choosing a wardrobe for women with magnificent forms, blouses need to pay close attention.

For women plus size, you first need to pay attention to several models.

  • With smell. An elongated model will visually add elongation to the figure, a deep neckline will emphasize a beautiful chest. And a thin belt or an emphasized waist line will create the illusion of a slim figure.
  • V neckline . A beautiful full breast always looks advantageous if it is emphasized with a deep neckline in the shape of a triangle. Even better if the blouse has short sleeves and an asymmetrical hem.
  • High waist . Free-cut blouses, slightly elongated, look great on full women. They emphasize the dignity of the figure and correctly emphasize.
  • With the Basque. Another great option for girls in the body, it creates an interesting and playful image.

Important! In addition to the style of the blouse, it is important to pay attention to the color and model. They should be suitable for the whole matched image, as well as for the occasion in which the thing is worn.

To look stylish every day and change the images, it’s enough just to purchase several trousers and skirts and complement them with fashionable blouses. Thanks to the possibilities of various combinations, you can create the most attractive sets for all occasions.