How to choose the most practical plaid

A blanket is simply necessary for comfort and coziness in the house or in the country! It perfectly serves as a warm blanket, a beautiful bedspread. It is nice to wrap yourself in cold weather, you can get bored on the windowsill, lay on the ground during a country trip. Today, manufacturers offer so many rugs that eyes run wide! How to make a practical purchase? Let's figure it out together!

Types of blankets

Depending on the purpose, the rugs are divided into several types.

For home

Most often, such products are purchased for the home. In the cold season, this thing can be used as a blanket . Or becomes an addition to it. In winter, wrapped in a plaid, you feel especially comfortable with a cup of evening or morning tea. And the TV can’t do without it ...

Home bedspreads look great on sofas and armchairs, on the floor near the fireplace . Such things are intended both for decorating the interior, and for warmth .

Reference! The characteristic features of a home plaid are softness, fluffiness, beauty, and brightness of colors.

The disadvantages include the soiled and active "dislike" of the extreme conditions of use, which makes the bedspreads dirty, become dusty.

On the road

Road blankets have become a familiar addition to a comfortable trip.

Reference! The features of such a plaid are practicality, strength of the material, ability to resist dirt and unpleasant odors.

Such a wrap should be compact, capable of folding easily without the formation of folds and creases.

To the picnic

The bedspread for picnics combines the best qualities of the two previous options.

Such an item becomes a soft and warm reminder of a home cloak. At the same time, he is not afraid of dirt and dust, practical and dense, like his road brother.

What to look for when choosing a plaid

Of course, in the store we most often pay attention to the product that we liked among the entire textile variety. Then we will definitely try to touch. A pleasant touch increases the chances of a purchase. But do not forget about other parameters.

The size

The size depends on how you plan to use the product.

On the bed

If the bedspread becomes a fluffy replacement for the blanket, it is best to choose the standard size for your bed.

  • Single - 140 × 200 cm, 150 × 200 cm.
  • One and a half - 180 × 200 cm.
  • Double - 220 × 240 cm.

The size of the king size 240 × 260 cm is suitable for those who cannot have too much tenderness and comfort.

For children

  • newborn and younger preschooler: 75 × 100, 80 × 110, 90 × 120 cm.
  • senior preschooler, primary school student: 100 × 150, 110 × 140, 130 × 160 cm.
  • teenager: 150 × 200 cm.


Having decided on the size, we pay attention to the material.

All plaids are divided into two large categories: natural and artificial.


The main advantage of such products is environmental friendliness.


Woolen clothes help to cope with colds and vascular diseases, help preserve the beauty and elasticity of the skin.

Reference! Wool blankets are hygroscopic, allow the body to breathe, well remove excess heat, while maintaining a comfortable body temperature.

Any coat activates blood circulation and relaxes muscles . Therefore, under such a cape, a person has a good rest and is restored.

Most often, sheep or camel hair, as well as delicate alpaca wool, are used to make bedspreads. A cashmere plaid is also good . However, it costs more.

The lack of hair is an individual allergic reaction in some people. Knowing about their personal characteristics, they prefer different textiles.


Bamboo blankets are becoming more and more popular. They do not cause allergies, comfortable, soft and warm. Manufacturers produce products with short or long nap.


For the manufacture of plaids, modern synthetic fibers are used.

  • Fleece is distinguished by its softness and tenderness. Such a blanket does not crease at all and practically does not tear. But it is perfectly erased.
  • Acrylic resembles wool with its properties. The material holds its shape and heat well, retains an attractive appearance for a long time.
  • Viscose is considered one of the softest materials, however, like the most delicate fluffy microfiber .

In addition, they produce capes made of polyester, satin a .

Textiles made of artificial fibers do not cause allergies, they are not afraid of physical effects. Such products are characterized by durability and strength, lightness and compactness. And the price will please the potential buyer.

Advice! A blanket made of artificial materials is convenient as a road option, practical in travel.

And it’s easy to look after such plaids, the stains obtained are easily washed off.


When choosing bedspreads for the home, you should pay attention to the style of the room where you plan to lay it.

  • The classic interior needs soft, calm shades.
  • Provence tends to blue tones with soft colors and patterns.
  • Oriental style will require bright colors, preferably to match the curtains.
  • Scandinavian style is combined with calm light colors.

What is the most practical plaid

Speaking of practicality, we must again proceed from the goals of our purchase, from who will use the cover.

If practicality for you is associated with strength, durability and ease of maintenance, take a look at products made of artificial yarns. Moreover, they are cheaper, and help out not only at home, but also on a trip.

True, this option will not be the most practical if the selected blanket does not combine in color or texture with the rest of the textiles in the living room. After some time, you will want to change it.

Now you know how to find your own plaid. We wish you a good choice and a practical purchase!