How to choose mini football boots

Gone are the days when football lovers had one universal pair of shoes for playing outdoors and indoors. Nowadays, it is possible to purchase special boots for playing on any type of coating: sand, parquet, grass, asphalt, etc. It is important to understand and understand which shoes are best suited for a particular coating. Special attention deserves the choice of boots for futsal, as this type of game is becoming more popular every year.

Differences in shoes for futsal

The main distinguishing characteristics of footwear designed for futsal or futsal are:

  • Futsals have less weight;
  • cost an order of magnitude lower;
  • lack of metal spikes;
  • the sole should not leave marks.

What criteria should I choose boots

Today we can encounter three types of futsal boots: professional, semi-professional and for amateurs, beginners in football sports. Each of them has its own characteristics and properties.


The main thing for futsal shoes is the sole material, which should have increased tenacity with a different surface. With the right choice, you can fully control your actions on the field, which will provide comfort and maximum pleasure from the game.

It is important to pay attention to the thickness of the sole and the presence between it and the insole of foam material. Experts recommend choosing a medium thickness to avoid injury to the foot. The presence of a foamy layer will help relieve the load when jumping, jerking.

We advise you to pay attention to the "drawing" of the sole. It should be evenly applied over the entire surface of the base, because its absence can cause severe gliding. The most common embossment is considered to be a honeycomb pattern.

Upper part of boots

Modern technologies make it possible to produce various materials for the upper part of shoes.

  • The most common of these is synthetics. The advantages of the choice are: wear resistance, lightness, low cost.

Important! When purchasing synthetic futsal shoes, give preference to shoes one size larger to avoid troubles with calluses, nail injuries, corns.

  • The textile upper of the boot does not crack over time, it is flexible and supple in the toe. However, it is not durable and can stretch over time.
  • Genuine leather (most often calfskin, kangaroo leather) has a relatively low cost. Shoes from it will last a long time. Of the minuses, a noticeable difference in weight can be noted, this type of material is not easy.

Selection advice. Natural materials tend to stretch a little on the foot, so get "tacks" in accordance with your standard size or half the size more.

Another important positive quality of genuine leather is its flexibility, which will allow the player to feel maximum comfort.

Selection tips

As practice and reviews show, shoes for futsal with high berets reliably fix the ankle. In this case, the likelihood of dislocation or muscle strain is significantly reduced. However, it often becomes uncomfortable for football players to wear such shoes and play in them. Rely on your feelings.

An important aspect is the time of trying on and buying boots for futsal. We recommend choosing evening time, since in the afternoon the legs are prone to mild swelling. Thus, you exclude the possibility of buying small-sized shoes.

Important! Always wear both boots when trying on. Neglecting this rule, you can choose the wrong size.

And most importantly - do not chase your idols. Do not buy soccer shoes worn by internationally renowned idols. In this case, individual physiological features of the structure of the foot should be considered.