How to choose a men's leather bag?

A leather bag is no longer a purely feminine accessory. Since ancient times, men carry their things in a bag, briefcase or man purse. A men's bag is not only a convenient and practical accessory, it is also a good addition to a business image. It is not difficult to pick it up, it is important to follow a few simple rules.

Criteria for choosing a leather men's bag

The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying a men's bag is the material and its quality. Modern models are made from:

  • genuine leather or suede. This option has special strength and wear resistance. A well-crafted special impregnation and properly stitched leather item will last a long time for its owner . Genuine leather is well cleaned, has a good thickness, and is also resistant to temperature extremes and various rainfall. In general, such a model is very elegant, and with high probability it will not go out of fashion for a long time;
  • imitation leather. According to the erroneous opinion, it is believed that non-natural material is a sign of poor-quality, cheap things. In modern realities, everything is completely different. Some artificial skin substitutes have the same properties as natural materials. When buying, carefully inspect the item so as not to stumble on a poor-quality product.

Secondly, when purchasing a bag, pay attention to the lining . It should be sewn from a dense fabric that does not crumble, does not dye, but fits tightly inside the product. Equally important is the number of inside pockets, compartments. Choose the option that is most convenient for you.

Thirdly, look at the quality and color of the fittings. It should not be shabby, scratched. All locks, magnets and buttons should work flawlessly.

Which model to choose?

An important criterion when buying a men's leather bag is its model. The most popular of them:

  • folder. Ideal for carrying documents, laptop or tablet. Its only inconvenience is that it does not have handles, however, some brands equip their products with belts ;
  • postman. It is worn over the shoulder on a long belt, has a rectangular, flat shape;
  • tablet - a small copy of the postman. Men wear it as a daily accessory, as it is small in size, but it contains everything you need;
  • portfolio - refers to business accessories. It has a rectangular shape and large enough dimensions. Worn on a short arm or long belt;
  • man purse is a small bag with a short handle. Designed to carry a wallet, phone, keys and other little things.

Choose a leather bag in accordance with the style

A leather bag can be embedded in absolutely any look. Is it better for a sports style to stay on a textile backpack (but you can pick up a leather backpack in a sports direction).

For everyday style (walking, going to the cinema, to the shopping center, etc.) it is better to pay attention to a convenient small bag such as a tablet over your shoulder, man’s purse or backpack behind your shoulders.

If you work in the office, study at the university, that is, observe the business style, then look at the briefcase, folder or even the postman. For a solemn exit, a man can do without a bag, or take along a small purse or wallet (similar to a female clutch, but for men).