How to choose leggings for the New Year photo shoot

Leg warmers appeared in a women's wardrobe not so long ago. Initially, it was only a men's piece of clothing. They are a warmed version of golf. This is a fairly simple and practical accessory that should be in the wardrobe of any girl. They will suit any look, be it sporty or romantic. But this accessory needs to be carefully combined with clothes, because something funny can happen.

There are two basic types: stockings and stockings. These two options are perfect for everyday life as well as for a photo shoot. Girls of short stature will look wonderful in them with vertical patterns in order to visually increase their height. But for tall and thin girls, it is better to choose a volume knit to visually increase the leg.

The presence of a set consisting, for example, of a knitted scarf, leggings and gloves, will make the photo shoot even more comfortable and truly winter. No need to be afraid to experiment! Try wearing leggings with your favorite clothing or shoes. You can complement the image with different jewelry. Everything else can be sewn or knitted independently, it will turn out an exclusive and unique thing.

How to choose the right fur leggings for a photo shoot

If you want to complement the image with something unusual, it is better to use fur. Russian fashionistas learned about leggings quite recently. Fashion for them came from Europe, that is, from France. A new-fashioned accessory was popular with dancers and athletes. But we are not athletes or dancers. We need a New Year's image! And to get the perfect bow for a photo shoot.

You need to use these tips:

  • You should not refine yourself and buy expensive leggings for a photo shoot if you will not wear them anymore. The most practical option is made of faux fur. Beautiful and economical!
  • Do not choose too bright colors, in which case they will distract attention and upset the harmony of colors. For the New Year photo shoot, it's better to choose muted shades.
  • Girls with full legs will come up with a short and smooth fur, but you need to be careful with this, because it may look ridiculous!
  • On the contrary, any style and size will suit skinny legs. But the main thing is not to overdo it!
  • In order not to overload the image, try to focus on one thing! For example, on fur leggings, choosing clothes of muffled flowers.

It will be logical that they do not fit all age categories. For example, surely a woman in leggings will look a little ridiculous. But how to wear and when - this is a personal matter for everyone!

The best ideas of images with fluffy gaiters for shooting

We have selected several ideas for you in the photo:

What fur leggings look best with, but the decision is yours!

What can be combined with fur leggings for the New Year photo shoot

At the New Year’s photo shoot, things like sweater dresses, overalls, scarves look very cute. Photos in such a connected way come out very warm and cozy. If you complement the image with fur leggings, it will turn out amazingly.

They will look pretty in addition to jeans. If you wear a dress, skirt or shorts, then with them it is best to use tight tights that will not interrupt the image.

IMPORTANT! If you wear leggings under a short skirt, shorts or dress, then you should remember that the shorter the length of the clothes, the higher should be the leggings.

If the photo shoot takes place in the studio, then the use of shoes is optional. But and if it takes place on the street, then ankle boots, narrow boots, as well as boots or low shoes are considered to be ideal shoes for fur leggings. You will hit the bull's eye if you wear shoes with heels. It will make you even more feminine. This fact is very IMPORTANT!

Outerwear should not stand out. Do not wear the thing that already has, for example, fur on the hood. And you definitely should not wear a fur coat. This will make your image too full and funny, as if you had just arrived from the cold edges. But it is also better to exclude too long coats and down jackets. Therefore, a short parka or fitted jacket is suitable here.

You should not overdo it with accessories. It is worth using them to a minimum, since fur is the central part of the image. But if you like the fullness of the image, it is best to add knitted mittens, mittens, a volume hat or a long scarf, then no matter what shooting you take, you will be embellished.