How to choose a leather jacket

A leather jacket is rightfully considered one of the spectacular and sophisticated types of clothing. Despite the fashion trends, she always remains in trend and is in the wardrobe of almost every person. In addition, this practical and comfortable thing protects in the off-season from the vagaries of the weather.

How to choose a leather jacket

The choice of this type of clothing is very important. How it will look on the figure depends on the right choice and how long it will serve its master.

Which skin is better for a jacket

Before buying, you need to thoroughly consider the product. Particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer . To do this, consider the label. Leather things are made in different countries. Products from France, Great Britain and Canada are especially appreciated.

Genuine leather or leatherette

One of the significant advantages of genuine leather is its environmental friendliness. Choosing such a thing you can not be afraid that it will harm the health in the future, releasing dangerous substances. It has good thermal conductivity and the ability to retain heat.


Quality things made of genuine leather are able to last for more than 20 years.

Leatherette is far behind in this parameter. The skin is an excellent protection against negative environmental factors. Being a waterproof material, it does not get dirty from rain, snow and other liquids. And if it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it with water or another cleaning agent. Scratching and tearing it is much more difficult. This material is durable. So, even a leather jacket made of the thinnest calfskin will remain in excellent condition for many years.


Manufacturers offer products from many types of leather: beef, pork, sheep, calf and others. The most wear-resistant is buffalo and bull.

The main disadvantage of natural material is its high cost . It varies from several tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of rubles. It depends on the quality of the item, manufacturer and seller. There are also seasonal sales for such things.

On the left is a model made of genuine leather, on the right - leatherette.

In recent years, leatherette has been so refined that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish from genuine leather. It is practically not inferior to it in terms of performance and beauty. And the price is much cheaper. However, compared with the skin, this material is short-lived.

How to choose a men's leather jacket

Popular models of jackets for men are:

  • Aviator. She entered everyday life. It is worn with military boots, regular jeans and a sweater.
  • A bomber suit most men regardless of age range and physique. Can be combined with holiday shirts, cashmere, skinny jeans and a denim shirt.
  • Biker jacket. Worn with ankle boots, a T-shirt and skinny black jeans. She will undoubtedly give masculinity to her owner.
  • Jacket with a hood. It was brought into fashion by David Beckham. Stylists recommend this item to be worn by men under the age of 25 in combination with chinos and light rubber-soled shoes.

Clothing with imitation of snake, crocodile and lizard skin is also relevant. The fur lining is often removable, making the leather jacket practical. This allows you to wear it both in the summer and in late autumn and even in winter. But colored leather is not recommended for a strong floor.

How to choose a women's leather jacket

A jacket, like any other wardrobe item, should emphasize the advantages and make imperfections of the figure invisible.

Types of jackets according to style:

  • Biker Jacket. It has an asymmetric cut and is suitable for girls with different types of complexion. In full she hides her hands and tummy, and in slender she emphasizes miniature. However, it makes wide shoulders even wider, so it is necessary to visually increase the hips. In addition, young girls are better off wearing such a thing with a skirt or trousers the color of a jacket, as it visually cuts the figure in half, reducing growth even further.
  • Bomber. It is voluminous and has no tucks. More suitable for girls with narrow hips, as they visually increase them.
  • Blazer. A universal cut hides the absence of a waist, and a fitted one emphasizes the silhouette.

Particular attention should be paid to the length of the product . Elongated leathers add growth to a person, and short ones, on the contrary, shorten it. Leather cases are combined with certain things. For example, a classic silhouette is combined only with fitted things and an English collar.

Of the variety of color solutions, black jackets are very popular. It blends in perfectly with most of the wardrobe items. The classic black silhouette can be diluted with a bright, spectacular scarf.

Brown and gray are also considered classics. Jackets of other colors are very effective and gaining their popularity, but they are quite difficult to combine with other things. This especially applies to red, green and pink colors.

Tips for choosing a leather jacket

The jacket should be chosen strictly in size. Do not think that a narrow jacket spreads over time. If the jacket slides off your shoulders, then most likely it is sewn poorly. The jacket should not interfere with movements when walking. They recommend a small experiment. It is necessary to stretch your arms forward, and pay attention to the sensations. She should not press in the back, and the sleeve should not jump.


A good jacket cannot be cheap. If you want to buy a truly high-quality thing, you should contact the store or department.

The quality of the material is determined by various methods.

  • Genuine leather holds heat well, therefore, putting a hand to it, the skin will quickly heat up, and the substitute will be cold for a long time.
  • You can add a drop of water for the experiment. In this case, the substitute will not change its color, and genuine leather will slightly change the shade.
  • The skin surface is durable: it is not easy to leave a scratch on it.
  • Genuine leather has a heterogeneous composition (age spots), and the leatherette is uniform in color.
  • You can see the edge. At jackets made of leatherette, they hide it, wrapping it in a seam. In leather products, its surface is open and rough.


There is an interesting method of checking the naturalness of the material from market traders. If you burn a piece of skin, the artificial one will ignite and the color of the flame will be with a greenish tint. Keep in mind that doing this trick is quite risky.

A correctly made choice will allow you to wear your favorite thing for many years. We hope this article helps in this.