How to choose a frame for glasses after 50

Age is not a hindrance to elegance - choose your style

A correctly selected frame for glasses will complete the look of a fashionable woman “for 50”, adding a bright highlight to her appearance. Now most men and women wear glasses. If men use this device only to protect their eyes from the bright sun or to correct deteriorating vision, then the ladies have significantly expanded the scope of glasses.

Changing the shape and color of the rim, these venturers manage to put the final touch in the image they conceived with the help of optics, hoping that the extravagant appearance will help the hostess out even in hopeless situations. Their tactics justify themselves: the magic of female charm captivates people, leaving no one indifferent.

Some young women of fashion and older business women have so improved the use of the device for improving their vision that they began to order glasses with zero diopters, trying to create the illusion of the image of a “strict teacher”. Such a manipulation allows them to look solid and concise, feeling, along with this, a cool and super-fashionable lady.


  • Criteria for choosing a frame. What to rely on?
  • How to choose a frame material
  • Fashion trends, own style

Criteria for choosing a frame. What to rely on?

The growing trend of shaping the appearance with glasses, poses a problematic question for fashionistas, how not to harm themselves and choose the right frame that can actually highlight and emphasize the owner’s external merits.

Our stylist will give professional recommendations to women over the age of 50. They are suitable for both sun protection glasses and vision correction glasses. You will learn ways how, without causing damage to the overall image, to form your own unique authentic style, taking into account the most popular frames trends in the modern market.

First, we will decide how to choose a frame by type of face. In humans, there are five different face shapes. To find out what type you have, carefully examine yourself in the mirror and decide.

If you have:

  • Evenly rounded, with a hollow chin, a wide forehead and puffy cheeks. Choose large frames with square, rectangular, pointed or slightly rounded shapes and wide arms. Glasses such as aviators or “cat's eye” fit your look. They visually align your geometry, directing people's eyes to the temples and stretching facial shapes.
  • An angular face that looks like a square. Owners of such features should pay attention to large oval or round patterns. Such frames visually round the lines, softening the prominent cheekbones, chin and wide forehead. You can also dwell on pentagonal patterns or oversize with a low jumper and frames that extend beyond the angular contours, thereby visually improving your “heavy” proportions.
  • The face shape is oval, so luck smiled at you, it is a balanced, noble type with the correct shapes and proportions. You have the widest possibilities when choosing glasses, frames of any kind, size and color will suit you. Round glasses will create a halo of softness for you, while square and rectangular options, on the contrary, will add rigor.

Be careful, do not take risks, choosing too large a frame that covers half the face. She can steal all your charm by her size.

  • A triangular or pear-shaped face with a sharp, protruding chin and a wide forehead. This type of face should be emphasized favorably with glasses with a weighting top and a lightweight, not expanded bottom. The cat's eye, retro or aviators are perfect for you. You can also try oversized with round lenses. Strongly not recommended square and rectangular frame shapes.
  • The face is elongated with a massive forehead, wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Keep your eyes on the glasses, which visually form proportional lines, smoothing the cheekbones and weighting your chin. Large frames, like aviators, for example, would be most appropriate. Oversize is also suitable, but it should not protrude beyond the oval of the face. A model like "warfare" can also improve your image.

How to choose a frame material

This is also not an easy question. In the market of women's glasses there is such a variety of geometric shapes, sizes, colors and styles that combining all this abundance, choosing also the material from which the frame is made, is not easy even for a professional. But we will try to do this.

When choosing the base material for glasses, consider its weight, the length of the socks you need and, of course, the appearance - your emotional state, a sense of comfort and safety depend on this.

Consider the options for the material.

Plastic or plastic. This is the best solution for frames. Glasses made of this material are elastic and as light as possible. Translucent plastic with different colors and shades will give your image a special elegance.

In addition to advantages, plastic also has drawbacks: it will not last long for you, easily breaking when pressed hard, and the color can quickly fade in the sun.

Metals and alloys. Frame manufacturers most often use copper alloys, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. These materials are renowned for their durability, light weight and do not corrode.

Be careful, people who are prone to allergies should carefully study the characteristics of metal frames before making their choice.

Original and natural materials. Wood, bones, leather, velvet, horns - this is an incomplete list of raw materials from which manufacturers create unusual models. In such frames you will feel comfortable and look spectacular, attracting the attention of passers-by.

You choose which materials the frame will be best for you. This is a matter of taste and your preference.

Fashion trends, own style

Trends in the fashion world recommend the consumer the most modern and most popular directions in choosing the style of frames.

We bring to your attention:

Office Style. As a rule, no dimming. The frame is thin of plastic or metal; models without a rim can be used. Choose dark colors, black is best.

Romantic style. Inherent in women with a soft , balanced character. Real romantics will choose muted tones and graceful forms of frames with various decorations: rhinestones, ornaments, lace patterns.

For creative nature. These creative ladies They prefer bright colors of plant motifs; they adore nature, fresh air and sunlight.

The style of a woman is a predator. Preferring a cat-eye frame, owners of such models look elegant and playful. Depending on the character, you have the opportunity to choose bright or pastel colors, frames with or without decorations. Experiment yourself, women with cat habits.

For spectacular ladies. Glasses with temples serving a separate accessory, suitable for bright and brilliant women. Such temples can be inlaid with rhinestones or have various shapes, texture, stylization and decoration.

What can I say! Whatever secrets the fashion possesses, you, dear ladies “for 50”, focus on your character and preferences.

But, choosing your frame style, still consider the recommendations of our professional stylist. Only they will tell you the right choice, which you will never regret.