How to choose earrings for a dress with open shoulders

As an evening outfit, many prefer a dress with bare shoulders. This option perfectly demonstrates the clavicle, décolleté line, neck, shoulders. But often the image and impression of a beautiful dress deteriorate due to improperly selected accessories. How to choose the earrings for a dress with open shoulders, we will figure it out next.

General recommendations and common mistakes

  1. First of all, it is necessary to pay due attention to the compatibility of the colors of the outfit and jewelry. Materials of cold shades look favorable with silver and white gold. Warm fabrics, in contrast, are decorated with gold. The harmony of textures will provide the image with success.
  2. Do not overdo it with color matching. Jewelry does not have to be exactly the same color as the outfit. In contrast, an emerald dress with emerald earrings of the same shade is an example of bad taste that must be avoided. Jewelry should contain adjacent, harmonious shades. Similar but not identical and echoing tones.

    REFERENCE. You can familiarize yourself with the rules for combining colors, then the selection of accessories will be more successful, successful and productive.

  3. The rule of harmony and relevance. If the product is made using rhinestones, sequins and other catchy elements, give preference to modest and minimalistic earrings. Laconic accessories will not compete with the texture of the product, but will emphasize its beauty. Bright ornaments are selected for modest outfits, simple ones for catchy ones. Therefore, massive gold accessories with huge diamonds combined with a lush bright dress will create the effect of comic and inappropriate.
  4. General style. Consider the characteristics of the outfit and choose the appropriate earrings for it. Pearls are not suitable for sports chic, luxurious diamonds are not suitable for boho.
  5. Pay attention to physiological features: the shape of the face and ears, cheekbones, chin, skin and eye color. A poorly selected model of earrings can highlight flaws.
  6. Age. Not all accessories are equally good for young girls and adult ladies. Consider this when choosing.
  7. Accessories should complement the image, and not dominate it.
  8. Times of Day. Not all decorations are equally suitable for evening and afternoon events. For the late time of the day, it is worth choosing precious stones, for walks in the sun - jewelry with feathers, jewelry in the form of beads or coins.

For dresses with open shoulders, long earrings are best suited. Their configuration should be chosen depending on the type of person.

Round shape: narrow and long options. Shape: narrow triangle, oval, rhombus, large droplets. Be careful with round products, massive discs and rings.

Oval : no restrictions on choice, any suitable. Especially well elongated ovals, pendants.

Square (or rectangular): facial features are clear, sharp, so you need to soften them a little. Round ornaments, small triangles are suitable. Avoid sharp lines as well as square pieces.

Heart-shaped : with pendants, products in the form of a “chandelier” or an elongated arc.

Elongated : triangles, squares with sharp lines. Flat and long options will not work.

Fashionable looks

A white dress with straps and a “heart” neckline. Elongated white earrings with a large pearl are perfectly combined with it.

A scarlet outfit with an iridescent texture. The "heart" bodice is decorated with rhinestones, so there is no jewelry on the neck. Earrings are large, round, gold. Their surface is decorated with small rhinestones.

Laconic black velvet dress and diamond earrings that create chic in the image. SWAROVSKI stones or rhinestone shine no less, but they stand - much less.