How to choose a dress by the type of figure?

A dress is a purely feminine piece of toilet that should be present in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman who respects herself. It is able to give any image of femininity and romance, hide the flaws of the silhouette and emphasize all the advantages of the figure.

The stores offer a huge assortment of stylish dresses of various styles. However, each girl needs to study her figure and determine its type so that the thing sits perfectly, and successfully emphasizes all the advantages.

Rules for choosing a dress depending on the figure

The art of dressing can be accessible to all women, without exception, if you first clearly define the type and structure of your own figure, identify all the flaws and strengths of the silhouette. To successfully combine and create an expressive, attractive image, you need to choose a dress according to the following parameters:

  • style;
  • material;
  • texture;
  • color.

Important! When determining the type of figure and choosing clothes, the main thing is to pay attention not to height and weight, but to existing forms. A tall girl may be prone to fullness, but it will not be so pronounced as a short woman.

In addition, the right accessories are required for the dress . Only in this case the set will turn out to be original and distinguish the girl from the crowd, forcing passers-by to turn around in admiration.

What types of shapes are there?

The dress, chosen in accordance with the type of figure, sits on the woman’s body like a second skin, ideally, without creating inconvenience and allowing the girl to feel confident and at ease. This adds special charm to the fair sex.

In the fashion industry, it is customary to distinguish several types of figures, in accordance with which the selection of clothes is carried out:

  • an apple (differs by a blurred, unexpressed waist, the presence of a stomach, shoulders and hips of approximately the same width);
  • pear (represents a silhouette like a triangle, narrow shoulders, small chest, well-emphasized waist line, as well as massive large hips with strong legs);
  • inverted triangle (the exact opposite of the pear type, wide massive shoulders and narrow hips, the waist is also highlighted, very narrow );
  • rectangle (approximately equal lines of the shoulders and hips without a clearly defined waist);
  • hourglass (a feminine type of figure, when the hips and shoulders differ in pronounced proportions, and the waistline is very narrow, stands out against the general background).

The main feature of the correct selection of clothes is the ability to balance the proportions of the figure, visually reduce or increase the volume of the hips or shoulders, clearly outlining the waist line.

Choose a dress for the figure

Selection of clothes is a painstaking task. First you should stand in front of the mirror, soberly assessing the features of your figure and highlighting all the "pros" and "cons" . Only an understanding of your type of silhouette will help you choose exactly the wardrobe item that will best express femininity and personality, emphasizing a sense of style.

An Apple

This type of figure is possessed by actresses Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah and Eva Longoria. The entire volume, as a rule, is concentrated just above the hips. The legs are often thin and the shoulders inexpressive. The figure is distinguished by the presence of the abdomen, which must be hidden with the help of a well-chosen dress.

Important! With this type of silhouette, you need to understand that the choice should fall on multi-layered clothing, from fabrics of various textures that will drape the body, but not draw it thoroughly.

The main task of choosing a dress is to reduce the volume in the waist line. Such ladies are suitable for products with a distinguished waist line, for example, a wide belt along its narrowest part or inserts of a contrasting color .

It is also recommended to wear short models, as in most cases the lady's legs are beautiful and slim.

In addition, stylists advise choosing the upper part with a V-neck, which emphasizes the beautiful magnificent chest . It is better to support it with a fashionable bra with a push-up effect, which raises and holds shape well. Dresses of a trapezoidal shape, as well as a straight cut or with a smell, will be a good choice.


This type of silhouette is possessed by actresses Natalie Portman, Hilary Swank and Cameron Diaz. It would seem that these beautiful women do not have problems with the selection of clothes, but this is not at all the case. This type of figure suggests the presence of an unexpressed waist line, and this aspect must be taken into account when choosing an outfit.

Important! The main advantages of the figure "rectangle" are thin aristocratic hands and long slender legs, they must be emphasized by the choice of clothing.

First of all, it should be remembered that baggy things are strictly forbidden with such a silhouette. Therefore, dresses of a straight cut, as well as a trapezoidal shape and in the form of a shirt immediately go to the side. The main thing is to emphasize the beautiful line of the chest. To do this, you should purchase the right bra, which will lift and model the chest.

Flared airy dresses with ruffles and ruffles along the hem and on the collar, as well as a belt at the waist, are able to perfectly draw the desired silhouette. Openwork dresses with textured inserts at the waist are suitable.


The ideal, according to many, the figure also has a number of problems when choosing a suitable dress. This type of silhouette is possessed by actresses Salma Hayek, Holly Berry, Scarlett Johansson. These girls are full of sexuality because of their rounded hips, large breasts and a pronounced waistline. The main goal of the correct selection is the selection of a dress that will outline all the available bends gently, without going beyond the bounds of decency .

Important! Do not be shy to outline your body, draping it with dresses. Choose narrow products that emphasize ideal parameters.

In this case, tight-fitting dresses of a classic cut, with a strap along the waistline, are well suited to further emphasize the bends of the body. It is important to wear the right bra that will model your breasts well . Dresses with a smell or long floor models with a skirt made of light fabric are perfect.


A bright representative of this type of figure is Jennifer Lopez. Wide powerful hips and legs, combined with small breasts and narrow shoulders. The waistline is clearly marked. Such a silhouette excites the mind of the opposite sex.

The main task is to slightly adjust the volume of the hips and legs, as well as slightly add around the chest and shoulders . It is important to emphasize beautiful hands and a thin waist. Strapless dresses or one-shoulder dresses with a light draping skirt on the floor and pointed shoes will be a wonderful option to emphasize all the advantages of such a silhouette.

Inverted triangle

Athletic athletic figure is a distinctive feature of such actresses as Demi Moore and Renee Zellweger. The main feature is wide powerful shoulders and an unexpressed waist line. The task of choosing the right dress is to emphasize the lower body and legs.

Long dresses on the floor, high-waist products, as well as narrow dresses on one shoulder can gently adjust the silhouette and help emphasize the advantages, gently hiding the flaws of the figure.

The advice of stylists helps to give the image of a woman harmony and perfection. Therefore, you should listen to the recommendations before buying a dress. This wardrobe item should clearly highlight all the “pluses” of the silhouette, but hide it by gently draping the available “minuses”.